Wolf, deer highlight hearing questions

Madison Wisconsin’s annual spring fish and game rule hearings
roll around once more on Monday, April 8, giving sportsmen a chance
to weigh in on a number of topics, including advisory questions on
a 16-day gun deer season and a bill that would allow the carry of
concealed firearms.

Each year the spring hearing agenda is divided between the
Conservation Congress advisory questions and the DNR-proposed rule
changes. In this issue, we look at the Conservation Congress
advisory questions that will be offered on April 8. The questions
were developed by the congress’ working committees.

The DNR’s proposed rule changes for fish and wildlife, along
with any DNR advisory questions, will appear in the upcoming issues
before the April 8 hearing date. Spring hearing questionnaires
should be available at most DNR offices for those who want to
review the questions ahead of time.

Conservation Congress Executive Council advisory question

A current proposal before the Wisconsin Legislature would make
Wisconsin the 44th state to license citizens to carry a concealed
weapon for the purpose of self-defense. Under the proposal citizens
over 21 years old who pay a fee, pass a background check and
complete an approved firearms safety course could receive a license
to carry a concealed firearm. For every license sold, $15 would be
placed in a Shooting Range Development Fund to be administered by
the DNR. It’s estimated this fund would receive $450,000 in the
first year under the law. This law would create a mechanism to
allow trained, qualified and licensed sportsmen and women avoid
technical violations of firearms carry laws while hunting.

Would you support legislation allowing law-abiding citizens who
have undergone proper training to receive a license to carry a
concealed weapon and providing funding for the development of
shooting ranges that allow the public the opportunity to become
proficient with firearms?

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress has never supported T Zone
deer hunting.

Through the Deer 2000 process, the public has recommended an
October T Zone deer hunt as a herd control measure, where needed.
They also recommended a permanent four-day early December deer
hunting season.

The congress has supported these public recommendations from the
Deer 2000 process.

Should the October T Zone deer hunting seasons be

Big Game Committee

Most state parks have high deer densities, which are harming the
ecosystem and causing damage on adjoining private recreational and
ag lands.

Do you support population goals (OWG) and hunting seasons for
deer in state parks be the same as the adjoining Deer Management

The majority of the state is managed by using the Hunter’s
Choice bonus tag method and is found to be satisfactory.

Do you favor including units 74A and 74B under the management
program of Hunter’s Choice?

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