By Dan Durbin

Most anglers know that night fishing can be the best fishing of
the summer. But what a lot of people don’t know is that often there
are better lures for night angling than the tried-and-true topwater

A recent outing demonstrated other possibilities when Glenn
Lazich and Tim Black, both of New Berlin, and I hit a southeastern
Wisconsin lake.

“Got one,” Black said. “Not sure what it is.”

A respectable bass found itself stuck to the end of Black’s
shallow-running crankbait.

It was a few minutes later when Lazich let out a grunt, which we
assumed meant he had a strike.

“He’s really pulling,” he said. “It’s a good one.”

The fish had a lot of heart, making several last-minute dives
before finally being lipped by Lazich. It was his biggest bass to
date, a good 19 inches, pushing four pounds.

That fish fell to a black spinnerbait retrieved at a medium
speed just on the edge of an inside weedline.

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