St. Paul The Minnesota DNR has extended the deadline to apply for state grants to improve safety and facilities at nearly 400 shooting ranges across the state.

Earlier this year the DNR set a May 15 deadline to apply for
approximately $900,000 in Legislative Commission on Minnesota
Resources (LCMR) funds for range improvements to be conducted by
2003. However, the deadline has been changed to an “open-ended”
sign-up period this year says a DNR official. The applicant must
finance 50 percent of the entire project with non-state funds.

“The LCMR has approved about $500,000 in range improvement
projects with another $360,000 still available,” said Chuck Niska,
DNR Shooting Range Coordinator.

Any shooting organization interested in applying for a grant
should contact Niska by phone at (651) 776-3966; or by e-mail at: Applications also are available
through the DNR’s web site, at:

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