Madison, Wis. Within the first few months of 2001, four state record fish have been caught in Wisconsin waters. Guy Hall, of Sturtevant, caught a 1.05-pound warmouth May 26 in Eagle Lake in Racine County. The warmouth is a species of sunfish.

Landon Gryczkowski, of Argonne, caught a 32-inch, 14.48-pound
splake April 14 in Lake Michigan off Marinette County. Splake, a
lake trout, brook trout hybrid, have been stocked in Lake Michigan
since the early 80s.

Stan Hagensick, of Lynxville, caught a 74-pound, 5-ounce
flathead catfish March 30 on the Mississippi River, topping the
previous record of 65 pounds. And Roger Fox, of Pittsville, caught
a 3-pound, 2-ounce white crappie Jan. 8 from the Black River in
Clark County. That record has been broken nine times in the past
six years.

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