State anglers remain under Mille Lacs walleye quota

Tribal harvest


Garrison, Minn. State anglers will remain well below the 2000
walleye harvest quota of 300,000 pounds on Lake Mille Lacs.

Tom Jones, large lake specialist for the DNR, said hook-and-line
anglers had taken 215,000 pounds through the end of the September.
Jones estimated that anglers had taken another 10,000 pounds during

Oct. 31 marked the end of the state’s sampling year, so Jones
declared himself 100 percent confident that the state would not
exceed the 300,000-pound quota. He estimated the final tally would
come in around 225,000 pounds, about 25 percent under the

“We’re glad we’re under but we wish we had been closer,” Jones
said. “There are just so many variables that we cannot predict such
as angler behavior and weather.”

Area DNR fisheries staff in Aitkin conducted fall survey gill
netting during the last two weeks of September. The fall survey
will play an important role in determining the state harvest
regulation for 2001.

Average walleye take per net was up from 1999, and since 1992,
only one year 1995 has produced a higher average catch per net
lift, Jones said.

“We had 14.8 walleye per net this year, up from 10.2 last year,”
he said.

DNR fisheries personnel met with tribal resource staff about two
weeks ago and will be meeting with them again in January to outline
harvest regulations for 2001.

Members of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe had harvested an
additional 2,312 pounds of walleyes this fall through

Oct. 22.

The fall harvest brings the total Ojibwe walleye take to about
47,000 pounds so far in 2000. Members of eight bands of Minnesota
and Wisconsin Ojibwe are allowed 70,000 pounds of walleye for this
harvest year, which ends March 31, 2001.

Fall netters target cruising, feeding fish and generally take a
few walleyes per net compared to dozens of fish during the spring

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