North Dakota Game and Fish Department

North Dakota hunters asked to be on alert after discovery of invasive weed

Palmer amaranth seedlings have egg-shaped leaves with a hair-like protusion at the leaf tip. (Photo by Christy Sprague, Michigan State University)With pheasant season opening this weekend, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department is asking hunters be on the lookout for Palmer amaranth, an invasive weed that was recently identified in the state for the first time. Palmer amaranth is…

In North Dakota, subpar 2017 hunter success could impact 2018 deer licenses

For the ninth consecutive year, the success rate of deer hunters in North Dakota in 2017 was below the 70 percent threshold that state wildlife officials consider a good season. Hunter success rate is one of the factors considers when determining deer licenses numbers, and “It very well may look like the number of licenses issued in 2017. It doesn’t jump out that there could be a great increase coming.”

Three-quarters of North Dakota pronghorn hunters find success

(U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)Hunter success during last fall’s pronghorn hunting season was 75 percent, according to statistics provided by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Game and Fish issued 410 licenses (255 lottery and 155 gratis), and 366 hunters took 275 pronghorn – 264 bucks, 10 does and one fawn. Each hunter spent an average of 2.4 days…