Great Northeast Podcast

Great Northeast Podcast: Mobile deer hunting

  Podcast host Dan Ladd flys solo in this episode covering boots-on-the-ground deer hunting tactics. Dan delves into making deer drives and discusses strategies for groups large and small, including how much noise to make (or not), playing the wind, and how even just a few hunters can have success. Later, the focus shifts to stalking, still-hunting and tracking whitetails….

Great Northeast Podcast: Turkey talk with Mike Joyner 

New York Outdoor News Editor Dan Ladd welcomes Mike Joyner from the Turkey Talk Blog ( for a discussion on hunting fall turkeys. Mike talks about strategies for finding fall birds, focusing on gobblers rather than hens, and talks extensively about hunting in the fall with a turkey dog. Dan and Mike also discuss turkey populations around the Northeast. Categories:…

Great Northeast Podcast: Wildlife corridors

Erin Bachmeier, of Penn-Environment, talks with host Dan Ladd about Pennsylvania’s wildlife corridor program, including pending legislation that, if approved, would provide funding that would help fish and wildlife avoid conflicts with humans, including on roadways. Bachmeier talks about the various types of wildlife corridors, including fish ladders, and the species they support such as deer, small game, predators, butterflies…