Summer campground reservations can be challenging

Camping continues to grow in popularity with both NYS Parks and DEC campgrounds in the Adirondacks and Catskills experiencing record numbers of annual visitors. This is a trend that began during the recession of the late 2000’s and has intensified through the Covid pandemic. My wife Adrienne and I are avid summer campers, owning a small “canned ham” style RV….

Camping tips for beginners

If any good ever came out of this Covid thing is that people are getting out more and that includes going camping. According to a report published by Kampgrounds of America (KOA) the total number of camping households has increased by 6 million since 2014 and 53 percent of them are choosing tent camping for the first time. Camping is…

Looking forward to camping – eventually

My wife Adrienne and I are not exactly summer people. Neither of us like hot weather and the steamy heat wave we’ve been enduring in New York in recent days has us borderline grumpy. We always say that we’d retire in Alaska or Canada before ever considering a place like Florida or the south. But one thing we do enjoy…

Tent camping tips based on experience: Go bigger or stay home

Rummaging through a storage closet a few days ago I came upon the backpacking tent I frequently used on our overnight canoe trips down the Delaware and Susquehanna rivers. Back in the day, the Eureka tent company held an annual tent sale where they sold tent “seconds” at really cheap prices. My friends and I never missed it. At one sale I bought a two-person backpacking…

New York offering unique program for first-time campers

(New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)ALBANY, N.Y. — New York families who have never camped have the chance to see if they might enjoy the great outdoors before making a commitment to buy all the gear. Free first-time camper weekends are being offered at 13 parks around the state throughout the summer. New campers will be provided with a…

New pricing structure set to go into effect at Wisconsin State Park System

(Wisconsin DNR)MADISON — A new demand-based pricing structure for Wisconsin State Park System properties will go into effect on Feb. 15 that is intended to encourage use and manage capacity while providing funds for property improvements that directly enhance visitor experiences, the Wisconsin DNR said in a news release Friday, Jan. 12. There will be no increase in the annual…

Go play outside: New York makes it free for new campers

But even though the cost is relatively low – about $300 per camping gear kit – some critics question the need for the state to be involved in such a program. Proponents say it’s in the best interest of all citizens to encourage outdoor recreation for its demonstrated physical and emotional health benefits.

Camping season kickoff in Iowa

This Saturday, April 15, most state parks will have water on, and shower and restroom buildings open for campers. And on Saturday, May 6, state park campgrounds will celebrate the start of the season with a Camping Kickoff.