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Think twice about thin ice

We’re now in mid-February and instead going ice fishing I’ve been getting my maple syrup-making gear together. Why? Because other than a snowstorm the weather forecast for the days ahead calls for daytime temperatures to climb into the 40s and then cool down into the 20s at night. Perfect for maple sap to run, not so good for ice fishing….

Thieving dolphins and mellow manatees: Open-water action off Florida’s Gulf Coast [video]

Tim Lesmeister finds that many of the same technological tools that freshwater anglers employ – like underwater cameras – improve his fishing success near Tampa Bay, Fla. Categories: Blog Content, Fishing, Illinois Videos, Michigan Videos, Minnesota Videos, New York Videos, Ohio Videos, Pennsylvania Videos, Tim Lesmeister, Wisconsin Videos Tags: Fishing, Outdoor News, Tim Lesmeister

Niagara expo teaches fishing … and more

If you have an interest in fishing, you have a desire to learn how to catch fish. That’s as simple as it gets. Becoming more proficient at catching fish is an important part of the equation, but it’s not the only thing. You’ll find that out by attending the Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo Jan. 17-19 at the Conference and Event Center in Niagara Falls.