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Erie’s Ohio ‘eyes bountiful, too, and the fishing is on fire

While local populations off New York’s shoreline have been increasing, the real kicker to our walleye population numbers is the migrating schools of fish that show up every year from the Western Basin of the lake. As many as 10 percent of the lake’s Western Basin walleye will take a trip from Ohio to the western reaches of the lake – as far as Buffalo.

Rubber worm fishing simple but effective

Earlier this spring we talked about simple worm fishing for trout as a time-honored tactic. Quite often, I take the same approach to summer bass fishing. Only this time the worm is fake. Just like real worms have landed so many trout and .30-30 Winchester rifle has taken many bucks, the simple tactic of rubber worm fishing has likely brought…

Lessons learned on every fishing trip

One of the best things about being an outdoor writer is that you have an opportunity to fish with a wide variety of angling professionals, be it of the charter captain or guide variety or people who could be captains or guides but won’t or can’t for several reasons. Seeing how they approach any given situation is an educational lesson…