Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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The Wisconsin Wind Siting Council not doing its job

I learn more about the threats from Wisconsin industrial wind turbines on almost a daily basis.

A landowner in the Iowa/Grant counties area reached out to me. He found a dead bald eagle back in November directly under a wind turbine. He called the DNR about it and was told to just bury it and “that was that.” Bald eagles are still protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Bald eagles are our national symbol, but now they’re considered “white-headed sky garbage.”

Dismissed as nothing by the state, as compared to another bald eagle splattered all over the news. See

A landowner on the border of Grant and Iowa counties found this bald eagle dead under a wind turbine in his area and sent the photo to Chris Ladd, of Mineral Point, who has been monitoring wind turbine activity in southern Wisconsin.
Contributed photo

Wind turbines are a menace to families and their homes, and to wildlife and scenic/environmental areas of Wisconsin. They are destroying peoples’ lives, homes, property values, and are converting beautiful natural rural landscapes into industrial wasteland. Wisconsin 2009 Act 40 has been broken, not followed. The Wind Siting Council (WSC) is required by law to meet, review new health and regulations changes and submit a report every five years. The last report submitted was in October 2014. A report based on the latest health research and comparing Wisconsin setbacks, rules, regulations with other states was required by October 2019, but did not occur.

Our WSC just met in November and have a plan for the overdue report to be delivered in 2024 (four-plus years too late). This material breach has put Wisconsin citizens, landowners, wildlife and resources in harm’s way of proposed and pending projects.

Because Act 40 has been broken, please ask Gov. Tony Evers, legislators and the PSC to enact an immediate halt to new wind turbines until all setbacks, rules, and regulations have been properly revised to protect citizens, property, wildlife, and our natural resources.

This mess should be a core concern of Wisconsin.

Chris Ladd Mineral Point

Wear more orange!

Each year it seems as if hunters are wearing less fluorescent orange during the nine-day deer season. Most every issue of Wisconsin Outdoor News shows a hunter with a deer in a picture wearing a camo and a orange vest. I realize some of the pictures may have been taken when back in the safety of the camp, but my guess most are not.

I hunt on public property and it is a fairly busy woods. At the end of the day a young man and his uncle came out of the woods wearing all camo and an orange vest over the top. The kid had a camo hat and a camo backpack covering what little orange he had on.

When I mentioned that they did not have much orange on, their reply was they hunt from treestands. Hunting from stands does not make the orange requirements go away, as far as I know. And how do they get in and out of the woods and take care of a deer they shot without being on the ground? And private property hunting does not change the laws on orange, either.

I know clothing is not cheap, but I’m sure getting shot is not either. I started hunting before blaze orange was required. Our group saw the benefits of the orange visibility and started wearing it as it became available. Each year I see plenty of orange in thrift stores if money is the issue. Start your young ones out right and put them in orange from head to toe. Stay safe all!

Matt Smith Madison

Degrade or applaud?

I appreciate the truth and I appreciate opinions. Patrick Durkin is an excellent writer who offers the reader facts, and thought-provoking comments. In the WON issue of Jan. 13, an individual wrote exactly what he accused Mr. Durkin of – “opinionated BS.”

In religions and politics, there are different degrees of liberals and conservatives.

In degrading Mr. Durkin as a liberal, would I assume I could degrade you as a conservative?

Frank G. Steffel Delafield

Of Patrick & Prehn

Two quick items. Apparently Scott Wondrow (Jan. 13 issue) isn’t a fan of Patrick Durkin. I certainly am!

Getting different viewpoints makes this a better, more balanced newspaper, so Patrick, keep them coming.

Hearing Dr. Frederick Prehn lament about the Gov. Tony Evers’ administration “going rogue” made my jaw drop.

C’mon now. Dr. Prehn, if you want to see someone who flaunted the rules for almost two years, look in the mirror!

Terry Schoonover Alma

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