Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Rapala’s innovative SmartHub system optimizes ice-angler efficiency and organization in both wheelhouses and portable shelters by eliminating on-ice clutter by strategically positioning fish-catching essentials within an arm’s reach, rather than underfoot.

Each year, Rapala continues to refine the system, delivering more and more value to hardwater anglers. The SmartHub Work Station is one of five new accessories that makes the SmartHub system even more essential for serious ice anglers.

SmartHub accessories can be secured to flat walls, round or square shelter poles, and good ‘ol buckets, making it easy to mix, match and move around your favorites in a manner most convenient for you and most conducive for your fish-catching mission.

Rapala’s handy new SmartHub Work Station comprises a fold-down bait-prep tray, three tackle compartments with easyopen, clear lids, and more than a dozen secure spots from which to hang at-the-ready lures. Suspend a few go-to baits from the slotted-foam under the bait-prep tray. Hang more from the dozen-plus hook holes strategically located around the WorkStation’s perimeter.

It comes with one adjustable Rapala SmartHub Connector and all the requisite mounting hardware.

Learn more about the entire Rapala SmartHub system at


Ice anglers will recognize the Pinhead as this bait has been a long-standing favorite lure of many ice anglers for years. Anglers fell in love with the unique shape and action of the Pinhead and its ability to catch fish. The updated Pinhead Pro and Jointed Pinhead Pro are made of environmentally friendly Zinc Alloy that provides a unique flash, sound, and vibration in the water.

Heavy testing by the Clam Pro Staff last winter proved beyond a doubt the new updated Pro version is superior. The Pinhead Pro is available in two options – regular and a jointed version. The Jointed Pinhead Pro still has its sleek design with the joint in the middle for extra action and movement to attract even more fish. Some features of the Pinhead Pro include a sleek slab spoon design that gets down to the fish fast, made of environmentally friendly Zinc Alloy and a Gaff Treble Hook is a 1X strong hook with straight super cutter points and will keep your fish on the hook. The Pinhead Pro and Jointed Pinhead Pro are available in 12 colors and four sizes (1/32 oz., 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz).

To view and learn more about the the Pinhead by Clam Pro Tackle and see the other new items in the Clam Pro Tackle lineup for this ice season, please visit


The Alloy M baitcasting reel offers exceptional durability, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, which will help you battle hard fishing fish in fresh and saltwater. It also has Precise Magnetic Braking – featuring a precise finely tuned magnetic braking system with 12 magnets, which offers quick on-the-fly adjustment to avoid backlashes no matter the conditions you face.

It has exquisite cooperation of four 10% larger carbon drag washers and one oversized Hamai CNC brass gear, delivering 22 lbs of drag and all the power you need. These features mean the Allow M casting reel can easily handle pulling trophy fish from heavy cover. The Hamai cut technology is designed with more teeth than typical systems to increase the overall incredibly smooth performance.

The Allow M has ultra smooth performance with eight double-shielded high quality ball bearings and one roller bearing, which provides an ultra smooth retrieve, even under heavy load. The high speed NMB bearings assist with maximum casting distance. The reel comes in 6.3:1, 7.5:1 and 8.4:1 gear ratio options making it very adaptable to multiple fishing techniques and styles.

Learn more at


Introducing the Edge 300™, true premium performance without the premium price tag. Cutting-edge innovations are in every bow they produce, and this killer-looking bow doesn’t hold back. Featuring 50 lbs of draw weight, and 23 inches of draw length adjustability, nearly any archer can reap the benefits only the Edge 300 provides.

The strategically engineered caged riser and quad limb design create ultimate stability and premium accuracy that no other bow at this price can provide. The Edge 300’s ease of adjustability incorporates Diamond’s Rotating Modules. Many bows require a new cam or module to adjust your draw length. With the Edge 300 you simply remove the module screws, adjust anywhere from 19 to 31”, re-tighten and you are set. The ultra-wide quad limb design increases stability at full draw. This added stability increases shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy in any situation. Coupled with the caged riser design, it was strategically engineered for ultimate stability, enhanced riser rigidity, and optimized accuracy that no bow at this price can provide.

At the end of the day, a bow has to be comfortable to shoot. From the silkysmooth draw to the lack of vibration on the shot, the Edge 300 redefines what an ultimate shooting experience should be, without a shot to the wallet. The Edge 300 is fully outfitted with accessories. Just add arrows and a release. To experience it for yourself, visit your local Diamond dealer. To learn more, check out


The FLEX-S from SPYPOINT harnesses the power of the sun with an integrated solar panel charging an internal lithium battery. Season-long autonomy is within reach, which means fewer trips and less disturbance, paving the way for the best hunting season of your life.

The FLEX-S has an internal lithium battery, but also allows for eight AA backups, or the addition of the LIT-22 battery pack. When the internal battery percentage dips to a certain point, the FLEX-S will toggle over to the backup batteries until the solar panel has recharged the internal battery to a suitable level. At that time, the camera will toggle back to the internal battery. This toggle feature optimizes battery life and performance for both battery options.

The FLEX-S will continue delivering the same brilliant photo and video quality as well as the easy-to-use features SPYPOINT users have come to rely on, like test and format buttons, GPS functionality, and the ability to update firmware remotely.

It comes with two pre-activated SIM cards already installed, so when the camera is in use, it will automatically connect to the network with the strongest, most reliable signal available. Hunters can deploy the FLEX-S without worrying about carrier model selection. Getting into the field and receiving photos and videos has never been easier.

The SPYPOINT FLEX-S will be available in the summer of 2023. To learn more, visit

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