Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Beyond New York: Outdoor news items from around the country (Dec. 28)

Sacramento, Calif. (AP) — California’s Department of Justice mistakenly posted the names, addresses and birthdays of nearly 200,000 gun owners on the internet because officials didn’t follow policies or understand how to operate their website, according to an investigation.

The investigation, conducted by an outside law firm hired by the California Department of Justice, found that personal information for 192,000 people was downloaded 2,734 times by 507 unique IP addresses during a roughly 12-hour period in late June. All of those people had applied for a permit to carry a concealed gun.

The data was exposed just days after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that people have a right to carry guns in public. The decision invalidated a California law that said people must give a reason for wanting to carry a concealed weapon, such as a threat to their safety. Lawmakers then tried to pass new restrictions for concealed carry permits, but failed.

Investigators said they “did not uncover any evidence that the timing of the (data breach) was driven by a nefarious intent or was personally or politically motivated in any way.” Instead, they said state officials planned to publish what they thought was anonymous data “to meet anticipated heightened public interest in firearms-related data” following the court ruling.

Three Men Convicted After Large Poaching Ring Busted

Cheyenne, Wyo. — Three men charged with more than 100 wildlife violations were convicted on numerous charges in what is one of the largest poaching cases in Wyoming history.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department issued a press release detailing the case that stems back to the fall of 2015. According to the
release, Russell Vick of Alabama, Robert Underwood of Oklahoma, and
David Underwood of South Dakota were convicted of multiple wildlife
offenses and cumulatively fined $171,230 and $131,550 in restitution.
Punishments also included prison time and lifetime hunting and fishing

A large taxidermy collection is shown here of mounts that were seized during a poaching case out of Wyoming that involved three men and charges of more than 100 wildlife violations. Photo courtesy of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department 

The case involved charges of poaching multiple wildlife species that included bighorn sheep, elk, moose, mule deer and antelope. The charges
were the result of a seven-year, multi-agency investigation that spanned four states and involved thousands of hours of investigations.

The case started in October of 2015 when a Gillette, Wyo., game warden received a request from a hunter for an interstate game tag to be used
with a deer head being shipped to Vick for taxidermy work at an Alabama address. A database search showed Vick having a Wyoming address, and that he had purchased resident licenses in Wyoming for multiple years.

As the investigation of Vick widened to include cellular and social
media sources, evidence began to implicate his acquaintances, who are
former residents of Gillette.

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