Summer got away from me, but fall won’t

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As I write this, I feel like the kid on Labor Day weekend looking back on a quick summer and realizing they didn’t do all the things they had thought they would when school got out in June.

The Autumn Equinox is approaching on Sept. 22 and hunting seasons where I live in the Northern Zone – like grouse (Sept. 20), bear (Sept. 17) and the archery deer season (Sept. 27) – are about to commence.

Fall is here, but where in heck did summer go? Back in May, while at an outdoor writers meeting down in Roscoe (Trout Town U.S.A.) I stocked up on fly-fishing tackle, but it has sat dormant since and I’ve spent the least amount of time in my kayak that I can recall during the summer months. If it weren’t for our camping trips, booked months in advance, I may have hardly done any fishing at all. And forget hiking, which concerns me coming into hunting season.

The culprits: summer heat and a busy schedule. I’ll start with the heat, which neither my wife, Adrienne, or I can barely tolerate. The heat basically kept us at bay as I can think of a few times this summer when we bounced around the idea of a day on the water, but realized the heat would just be too much. The same for evening paddles that we’ve enjoyed in the past. My more labor-some weekend chores, like firewood and garden work, were done in the early mornings as well.

For some reason this was just a busy summer. All the hoopla about gun laws resulted in attending several meetings as I sought to get as much information as possible not just for my own good, but for that of the NY Outdoor News readership. As I look back on July and August, I realize I was only home one or two nights a week (if that), on average.

But things are about to change. Although a busy weekend schedule continues right on through Columbus Day weekend – and right up to the Northern Zone muzzleloading season – I’ve found my way into the pre-hunting season mode. I’ve been shooting my bow since July and am trying to catch up on the hiking by taking some walks in the woods, scouting, hanging trail cameras, setting up blinds and checking tree stands. I’ve also spent some time at the gun range and have been watching deer and studying their patterns, which always seem to change when the season begins.

In the month ahead, between now and the muzzleloading season, which is when the serious woods-walking begins for the Iron Sight Gang, I’ll be doing my best to keep up with aforementioned pre-hunting season activities, and will surely be hunting whitetails when the archery season opens on Sept. 27.

But come mid-October, and well into the holidays, my weekends are free and I plan to be in the woods. Perhaps not as prepared as usual (we’ll see what the month ahead brings) but my calendar is clear and I intend to keep it that way.

Fall can never come too quickly.

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