Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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New York Fishing Report – September 2-9, 2022

Central New York

Region 7 and Eastern Region 8

Lake Ontario

Chinook salmon (Kings) are being caught in 100 to 200 foot of water on spoons or flashers and flies. Start shallow and work out deeper as the day progresses. Salmon are starting to stage around river mouths so those are also good places to try. Water fleas have been an issue at times so be prepared to deal with them. There are also lake trout being caught near bottom from 150 feet and out.

Oswego River

The flow is down from last weeks report and is 1,660 cubic feet per second (CFS) as of September 2. With the warm water temperatures it will likely be a little longer before salmon start showing up. For information on salmon fishing please see the link in the Salmon River report below.

Salmon River

Things are slow which is normal for this time of year but it shouldn’t be too long now before things start picking up. There is a whitewater release scheduled for Sept 2-Sept 4 of 750 cfs. That may trigger a few fish to enter the river.

Sodus Bay

Look for bass along the outside and inside weed edges. Try Texas rigged plastic worms, stickworms (Senko style baits) and spinnerbaits or vibrating jigs.

Oneida Lake

Just a reminder that the daily limit for walleye on Oneida Lake is the same as the statewide regulation, with a daily limit of 5, and a minimum length of 15-inches. Walleye fishing has been challenging lately but some are still being taken in 20 to 35 foot of water by anglers trolling stickbaits, worm harnesses, or jigging with blade baits, bucktail jigs tipped with nightcrawler and jigging rapalas. Look for bass around the shoals with topwaters, jerkbaits and tubes.

Cayuga Lake

Water fleas have been an issue at times so be prepared to deal with them if trolling. It looks like the algal bloom has subsided and the water is clearer than it has been. Keep an eye out for weed matts if trolling. Sometimes using a heavier pound test line can help with the fleas and vertical jigging is also an option if they get too bad. Lake trout are being caught in 80 to 150 foot of water by anglers vertical jigging or trolling. Bass are being caught in the north end on a variety of baits. There are a lot of pickerel up there as well so it may pay to have some wire leaders handy if you start getting “bit off” while bass fishing.

Owasco Lake

An algal bloom has been taking place so the water has some color to it. Look for lake trout from 80 foot and out trolling with spoons or vertical jigging.

Skaneateles Lake

For smallmouth bass try tube jigs, drop shots or jerkbaits. There is a special walleye regulation on Skaneateles Lake. Walleye-all year, minimum length of 12-inches, daily limit-any number.

Otisco Lake

Look for walleye in 10 to 20 foot of water. Largemouth bass are being caught in and around the weed beds. Try large jerkbaits, chatterbaits or spinnerbaits for the tiger musky in the same general areas as the bass. Otisco Lake is one of the Big Panfish Initiative (BPI) waters and now has a special regulation for Sunfish (bluegill and pumpkinseed). The daily limit is 15, with a minimum length of 8-inches.

Whitney Point Reservoir

Try crankbaits or a jig and minnow for the walleye. For smallmouth bass try crankbaits or spinnerbaits near shore. For channel catfish try cut-bait or night crawlers.

Susquehanna River

Try crankbaits or a jig and minnow for walleye in the deeper holes and cut-bait or worms for the channel catfish. For the smallmouth try tube baits or crankbaits.

Lake Erie & Western New York

Lake Erie, Tributaries & Harbors

The solid walleye bite continues to excite between Cattaraugus Creek and the PA line. By many accounts, the action off Cattaraugus Creek has been best, where limit catches have been common in 75-85 feet of water. Stickbaits, spoons and worm harnesses run 45-65 feet down has work very well. Anglers are picking up some fish off the bottom as well. Anglers out of Dunkirk and Barcelona report good walleye catches in 75-90 feet of water.Lake trout are an underutilized species in Lake Erie, however late summer is a great time to fish for them. Target lake trout below the thermocline in cooler water. Catches are typically best in 80-120 feet of water from Dunkirk to the PA line. Downriggers with spoons run between an established thermocline and the bottom is a good tactic.

Niagara River

Fishing at City of Buffalo shore sites has been quite slow lately. Persistent anglers are catching some smaller yellow perch, sunfish, drum and the occasional smallmouth bass. Smallmouth bass fishing prospects are better for boaters, though fishing has been a grind recently for boaters too. Target deeper holes, runs and structure for smallmouth bass. Controlled drifting and fishing a ned rig, tube jig or bottom-bouncing rig with a crayfish or shiner is a common tactic.

Walleye and smallmouth bass fishing remains strong in the lower river. Walleye are biting along the mid and lower drifts and on the Niagara Bar. Controlled drifting with bottom bounding rigs and worm harnesses works well. Note there is a minimum length of 18 inches and daily limit of 3 for walleye in lower Niagara River and Lake Ontario. Smallmouth bass are available from the gorge down to the mouth of river. The better shore fishing has been in the gorge and at the NYPA fishing platform, where anglers are picking up some bass and the occasional walleye.

Lake Ontario, Tributaries, Harbors & Piers

We are entering the king salmon staging period, so look for increasing numbers of mature kings to show off creek mouths, especially off stocked tributaries such as the Niagara River, Eighteenmile Creek, Oak Orchard Creek and the Genesee River. So far, the staging king salmon fishing has been spotty. Target staging kings at first light in around 100 feet of water with gear run in bottom half of water column, and slide deeper after the first couple hours of daylight. The last couple hours of daylight is another favorable time. Anglers report that staging kings are hitting flasher-fly combos, meat rigs and large spoons. As September rolls on and kings get tighter and shallower, J-Plugs get more attention. Running offshore to depths of 400 feet plus is a good bet for consistent catches of steelhead with some coho and “shaker” kings mixed in.

Chautauqua Lake

Walleye fishing has been slow for a few weeks and angler effort has really dropped off. Muskellunge fishing has also been slow, but musky fishing quality tends to ramp up as waters cool in late-summer and fall. Target musky along weed edges by casting or trolling large stickbaits and crankbaits.

Inland Trout Streams

We certainly could use some rain as stream levels are quite low throughout the area. Water temperatures are getting better thanks to cooler nights. However, anglers should avoid trout fishing if stream temps approach 70 degrees. Look for trico hatches during the morning hours, at which time trico emerger or spinner patterns are good flies to tie on. Stimulator and terrestrial patterns (ants, beetles, grasshoppers) will also draw trout to the surface.

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