Outdoor News Radio – July 30, 2022: ICAST revisited … And where’s Walz?

Why hasn’t Gov. Tim Walz confirmed for the 2022 governor’s forum debate at Game Fair yet? Managing Editor and Publisher Rob Drieslein and Editor Tim Spielman kick that question around to launch this week’s edition of Outdoor News Radio. Then company Sales and Marketing Director Phil Frebault jumps in to recap the highlights of the 2022 ICAST fishing industry trade show that happened last week. Tim Lesmeister visits to share insight along with Rob into their tour of Federal Cartridge headquarters in Anoka. The pair discuss a couple of great new rounds that Federal has introduced, including the new 30 Super Carry. Finally, listen in to find out why you should try the Wild Plum Jam recipe Rob’s parents wrote up for Outdoor News this week.

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