National trappers convention bringing back ‘Kids Cave’

Kids Cave Trapping Demo

The  National Trappers Association Convention will be held in Lima, Ohio, from July 28-30. If you’ve never been to an NTA Convention and you are a trapper, or just interested in trapping, this is the place to be. It is the largest gathering of trappers (and trapping supply dealers!) in the United States – or the world for that matter.

Last year in Iowa the NTA tried an experiment.

Dubbed a “Kids Cave” the idea was to have a place where kids of all ages would have a chance to experience a myriad of examples of outdoor activities. From trapping to shooting, fishing to archery – nothing outdoor related was off the table. In addition, because it was billed as an event to bring the entire family, activities had to be available for an age range of 3-18. All components of the needed to have some kind of educational bent, and most importantly, was to be free of charge.

Of course, no one had any idea what to expect. The general consensus was that if 200-250 kids showed up, the NTA would call it good and move on to expanding the concept next year in Lima. Over 500 kids came through the door (along with an estimated 200-300 parents, grandparents, etc). The Kids Cave folks were floored. With that kind of success, the goal in Lima was to make things bigger and better.It turns out that about 30% of the kids who came were within about 100 miles or so of the venue. Almost 40% were girls. The median age for boys was about 9 and the median age for girls was about 9.5. That’s important stuff if you are planning a successful event.

Read more about this year’s event in the July 1 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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