Outdoor News Radio – January 15, 2022: A new No. 2 B&C typical whitetail, plus 100 birthday candles for Federal Cartridge

Lots of headlines to digest for this week’s Outdoor News Radio. For starters, Publisher Rob Drieslein and Minnesota Editor Tim Spielman discuss new nontoxic shot rules for state scientific and natural areas plus a health update on past contributor and friend from the North Shore, Shawn Perich. Then J.J. Reich, the senior media relations manager from Federal Cartridge in Anoka, joins Rob to share insight into the legendary company’s 100th anniversary in 2022. “Tackle” Terry Tuma – or “T3” as he’s affectionately known among his close personal friends – then jumps into the show with a report from an ice fishing trip last weekend and his thoughts on how the recent January thaw will affect the hard-water bite this weekend. Drieslein closes out the show with Tim Lesmeister and the two devote most of their segment to admiring the remarkable new No. 2 all-time typical white-tailed deer that was taken in Indiana this past November.

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