Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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New York/Orleans County Fishing Report – October 19, 2021

The last shot of rain was Sunday and there’s been some cooler weather for the beginning part of this week. Now for the mid-week, it’s warmed up again! But no worries – the nights are cooler now and we had our coolest night yet of the season last night – into the 40’s F. Chance of rain showers Thursday and again for the weekend.

All the trib flows are on the retreat from the last rain. Most noticeable drop will be the Oak since the Canal flows are also throttling back. Less noticeable will be in Sandy since Canal flows there are throttling up. Johnson Creek had a nice bump in flows and got stained and guys reported some salmon on the move there. Otherwise it’s a little tough to report on average fishing conditions. I’d say I’m hearing about 50/50 in good/tough fishing. Seems like the Kings just aren’t concentrated in any particular fast water spot in any trib and that’s the tougher reports I hear from guys. The better reports I hear are from guys that have some Kings migrate past them or hold and they get some drifts to them.

There’s been on and off good action like at the Archer’s Club and some Kings continue to drop back from the dam. And then there’s always that concentration of fish and people at the dam. We’ll probably continue to see a drawn out salmon “run.” There’s not a lot of fish spawning or even many zombies yet so that tells you things are progressing slowly. No doubt we’ll have concentrations of Kings into November.

We are hearing of a few more browns now in the Oak, especially thru yesterday. Slightly lower flows will likely reveal more browns then thought when the water was higher.

Cooling weather and water will also help bring on better brown trout and steelhead action and the area is not likely to suffer thru any more real warm weather now that we are well into October. Hopefully… the fishing pressure overall is likewise spread out like the fish. A few guys report crowding, but as compared to say last year I’d have to say there are a few less guys out and about. A good WNW wind thru last night probably moved more fish near shore or into the tribs from Lake Ontario but don’t look for those fish to loiter in estuary or rivermouth spots at this point in the season.

— Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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