Remarkable Pennsylvania hunting week approaches 

8 9 Dove Hunting

If you’re a hunter who treks through Pennsylvania’s woods, fields and water, Saturday, Oct. 16, begins a week when just about every game species the state has to offer for hunting begins.

Archery hunting for black bears begins on Saturday, and runs until Nov.6. The regular archery season for deer is already ongoing, but the early muzzleloader season for does only, begins Saturday, and runs until the following Saturday.

Within this timeframe, the Special Firearms season for senior, junior, mentored youth, active-duty military personal, and certain “disabled hunter permit holders,” have three days of hunting for anterless deer only, running from the 21st to the 23rd. These three days also offer a chance for the same group — except for mentored youth — with the proper license, to harvest a black bear.

For small game hunters, Saturday the 16th marks the start of rabbit and grouse seasons statewide, with squirrel hunting already having opened back in September. The season for pheasants begins at the week’s end, on the 23rd.

Not to forget waterfowl hunters, the North Zone’s early season for ducks, which opened Oct. 9, runs till the 23rd. Add the Resident Population Zone for Canada geese beginning on the 23rd, these hunters also have ample opportunity to enjoy their preferred form of hunting.

Last but not least, the first split season for dove hunting, which began as September began, remains open until Nov. 26.

For anyone who considers themselves to be a hunter within the confines of Pennsylvania’s boundaries, this should be special week you strongly look forward to, because the opportunities to pursue any game animal you so desire seem almost endless.

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