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The Wisconsin Hunting Regulations Pamphet, Fall 2021-Spring 2022, is now available on the DNR website and soon (?) to be on counters across the state.

As started last year, there is one pamphlet addressing elk, deer, small game and upland game, bears, migratory birds, as well as general hunting topics.

This year’s pamphlet is 32 pages, has some color photographs, and a request, if interested, to help out with printing costs. The four general sponsors this year paid $2,000 each and I suspect that this is the minimum to get an ad on the back page. Maybe someday there will be interest to accept lesser donations without getting recognition.  Check it out.

This pamphlet is for everyone, or at least tiny parts should be. How many bar bets have been won, or lost, regarding, “did you know it’s illegal to shoot a dog if the dog is running deer?” Only DNR wardens can do this.

There are hunting hours for hunters to follow. Non-hunters might want to know what those times are, and that they vary across the state, and change daily.

State parks may or may not allow hunting, depending on regulations that usually go beyond general seasons.

Hunter orange in not the only color option for clothing, when required of some hunters, and the requirements include caps, if worn. Many hunters don’t know this about caps and the same is true of some newspaper editors, photographers, book authors and even some who assemble hunting pamphlets.

It still lingers, and a few ginseng diggers may still carry a copy of a statement published regarding ginseng plants growing on state lands. Leaving out the word not can make all the difference.

Most store clerks will show the regulations to customers but are careful to not to just tell the customer what the rule is, for fear of explaining it incorrectly.

Even if you don’t hunt, there are issues that may concern you, and foolishly cost you.

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