Using deer ‘communication centers’ to your advantage all year

9 13 Davis Deer Communication
Trail camera view of a buck and doe from last month. (Photo courtesy of Jerry Davis)

Wildlife biologists remind us that even does and fawns, as well as bucks, use scrapes for communication to some extent and throughout the year, too.

A trail camera, set up in a region where deer often create scrapes, captured two interesting images. First, a mature doe came through the area, stood under an overhanging tree, then stood on her hind legs to reach a chewed twig.

Two days later, Aug. 17, a mature buck, still in velvet, stood under the same tree and stretched his neck up to touch the same twig while he tangled his antlers through the leaves and twigs.

Several things are worthy to note here. This may be a location for a deer to acquire CWD, at any time of the year. Also, hunters, deer watchers, and photographers are likely to get a better idea of resident deer at these “communication” locations. And this location is likely to continue to be an even greater communication site during the hunting seasons.

It is possible to “read” this information from trail cameras equipped with ability to transfer data directly to a computer or phone miles away from the site. This will take some of the worry, real or imagined, out of disturbance by humans.

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