Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 23, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Capt. Laura Petreikis

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner cited an individual for turkey hunting w/out a valid hunting license and written warnings for turkey hunting w/out habitat stamp and unlawful take CPO Roesch received a TIPS complaint of turkey hunters at Kishwaukee Nature Preserve hunting without a windshield card. CPO Roesch encountered 3 individuals, a dad, and 2 sons. 1 individual was 17 years old and hunting with a bow. No other individuals were hunting. The individual did not have a valid permit for Kishwaukee SFWA, had no hunting license, and did not have a windshield card. CPO Roesch issued the father a citation for parental responsibility for allowing a minor to hunt without a valid permit. CPO Roesch issued the minor 2 WW for hunting without a license and hunting at a site without a windshield card.

In LaSalle County, CPO Martin responded to a complaint regarding an out-of-state resident fishing from the LaSalle County Nuclear Generating Station area of LaSalle Lake which is restricted. LaSalle Station security discovered the fishermen while doing perimeter checks. The individual said he was unaware he was fishing at a Nuclear Powerplant. He did not have a fishing license. The violations were addressed.

In LaSalle County, CPO Martin was contacted by an out-of-state resident who leased farm property to a LaSalle County man. The tenant had unlawfully cut down several trees to include black walnut and hickory without the landowner’s consent. The unlawful cutting of trees is under investigation.

In Winnebago County, CPO Roesch, CPO Alvarez, and Sgt. Wire responded to a call at Rock Cut State Park about individuals shooting air guns. CPO Roesch located the individuals responsible. CPO Roesch located 2 paintball guns in the car and detected a smell of burnt cannabis coming from the car. CPO Roesch also observed a bottle of open alcohol on the floorboard of the car. CPO Roesch conducted a vehicle search and located marijuana and a loaded handgun in the center console. The gun was rand through LEADS and was not stolen. The individual who owned the handgun had a valid concealed carry out of Wisconsin. The handgun was taken apart and placed in the trunk of the car. CPO Roesch issued 3 citations (alcohol in a state park, civil cannabis violation, and shooting an air-powered gun in a state park).

Northeast Zone –
Capt. Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPO Kelley responded to an injured deer complaint in Antioch, IL. CPO Kelley located the doe and was able to see, immediately, that she had two, broken legs. The deer was euthanized. 

In Kane County, CPOs: Iaffaldano, Doescher, Kelley, VanWiltenberg, and Reid conducted a fishing detail throughout Kane County. One Smallmouth bass was discovered during a catch-and-release only period. A written warning was issued as the young individual was not familiar with fishing regulations. Two fishermen were discovered without fishing licenses and issued one ticket and one written warning. CPO Iaffaldano arrested a fisherman who returned wanted on a warrant out of Aurora for failure to appear.

In Kankakee County, While on patrol at the Kankakee River State Park, CPO Elliot located a vehicle that had driven down a horse/hiking trail and parked near a popular fishing area. Citations and warnings were issued to two fishermen for fishing without a valid 2021 Illinois fishing license, unlawful possession of alcohol in the park, and unlawful operation of a motor vehicle in the park. CPO Elliot continues fishing checks, many warnings have been issued for no valid 2021 Illinois fishing license.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes responded to a Will County complaint of a subject shooting a Canada goose with a .22 rifle in his neighbor’s back yard, while the complainant was outside in the same yard. Interviews were performed with both parties and based on the complainant’s statement, which he agreed to testify to in court, the subject was issued 3 citations and 3 written warnings.

In Cook County, CPO Farrell was on patrol in Worth when he located a fisherman in Worth Lake, a restricted area. CPO Farrell drove to the other side of the lake and walked into the timber where it was assumed the fisherman went in. CPO Farrell discovered a trail and a large cut in the chain-link fence and went to go make contact with the individual. CPO Farrell saw that the individual approaching him, CPO Farrell hid behind a clump of trees to ensure a good location of initial contact. The individual walked past CPO Farrell and along the fence. CPO Farrell made contact and the individual stated he knew he wasn’t supposed to be in there but had been fishing here since he was a kid. He also informed that there were other places to get inside the fence and that many people fish there as well.

In Cook County, CPO Waigand received information from Phoenix police Department concerning an abandoned baby raccoon. The Phoenix Police Department found the animal and rescued it from traffic and other animals in the area. CPO Waigand was contacted and met with a Phoenix Police Officer to transport the raccoon to a wildlife center in Dupage county. The baby raccoon was transported and admitted to Willowbrook Wildlife Center.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates received a complaint regarding a man fishing at a Wheaton Park District lake using more than two poles. CPO Gates arrived on the scene and located the father and son who were fishing with a total of 5 poles. Both men were actively fishing. The father claimed ownership of the third pole and was issued a written warning for violating the lake’s two-pole limit.

In Lake County, Two subjects arrested by CPO Van Wiltenburg in 2020 for deer hunting violations recently plead guilty, as a result of a negotiated plea in Lake County.  The first subject was charged with unlawful possession of freshly killed species during the closed season, unlawful hunting after hours, unlawful take of deer during the closed season, unlawful hunting with a rifle within 300 yards of a dwelling, unlawful dumping of wildlife carcass on private property, unlawful possession of deer taken by illegal methods, unlawful transfer of a permit to another person, and unlawful hunting of deer with use/aid of bait.  He paid a total of $1,177.42 in fines, costs, fees, and an additional $1,000 to the Illinois Conservation Police Operations Fund.  He was also ordered 50 hours of community service and forfeited a 16 point buck, an 8 point buck, and his rifle to the Department.  His hunting privileges are suspended for the next two years.  The second subject was charged with unlawful deer hunting with the use/aid of bait, unlawful deer hunting without a valid permit in possession, and unlawful hunting without first obtaining a non-resident license.  He paid a total of $697 in fines, costs, and fees.  

Central Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Hancock County, CPO Blazinic responded to the Mississippi River near Hamilton, IL. to assist CPO Wheatley with a boat accident. Two (2) individuals catfishing near the Keokuk Dam took several large waves over the stern of their boat. The boat swamped in approximately (3) three to (4) four feet of water. The occupants were able to call 911 and were rescued by Keokuk Fire. CPO Wheatley is handling the investigation.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley completed his investigation on a dumping case in Panther Creek in Bowen. Through a lot of legwork, computer work, and speaking with neighbors, CPO Wheatley was able to identify possible suspects that lived near the dumping area. CPO Wheatley conducted a short interview with the suspects and was able to gain a confession. CPO Wheatley issued a citation for the unlawful dumping and the subject will have his day in court.

In Cass County, While working turkey hunters at Jim Edger Panther Creek in Cass County CPO Snodgrass located a subject mushroom hunting at 10 am. During spring turkey season it is unlawful to mushroom hunt state sites before 1 pm due to safety issues. The subject was issued a written warning and educated on the violation.

In Christian County, CPO Snodgrass received information of a subject walking around Sangcrhis Lake State Park with a long gun. CPO Snodgrass and Gerdes responded to the area where they located a male subject carrying a loaded .22 long rifle. It is unlawful to use or display any firearm in the state park unless during a designated hunting season. The subject was issued a citation for the violation.

In Mason County, CPO Gerdes responded to hunting without permission complaint near Mason City involving a hunter who was believed to have killed a turkey on the property which he did not have permission to hunt. CPO Gerdes investigated the kill site and interviewed the suspected hunter. After putting all of the evidence together, CPO Gerdes determined the turkey was killed illegally and the man was cited.

In Mason County, CPOs Wahlbrink and McClenning investigated a complaint involving the unlawful take of a turkey vulture. Upon arriving at the suspected property, the CPOs discovered a deceased turkey vulture and a tagged 12-pt deer head. An interview led to the admission of the unlawful take of the turkey vulture and that the deer, although tagged by one of the residents, had been taken by an individual who did not have a deer permit. Three individuals were cited for the offenses and the 12-pt deer head was seized.

In Sangamon County, CPO Gerdes observed two fishermen in a boat on the Sangamon River near Riverton. Both fishermen appeared nervous after seeing CPO Gerdes at which time they began going up and down the river in front of the boat ramp as if waiting for CPO Gerdes to leave the area. A short time later, CPO Gerdes checked the fishermen and found several catfish on board and discovered neither man had a fishing license. Both men stated the fish had been a gift from another fisherman. 

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner and CPO G. Anderson investigated a complaint of a possible over the limit of crappie that occurred in Jackson County. Multiple interviews were conducted and no fishing violations were discovered. Instead, the CPOs received a confession about a violation of not reporting harvest during turkey season.

The hunter was cited for the offense.

In Hamilton County, CPO Jourdan cited a former Hamilton County resident for killing a deer in December of 2020 without a deer permit. The case stemmed from a complaint. The man had recently moved out of state. CPO Jourdan spoke with the man over the phone and he admitted killing the deer without a permit and driving to town to get a permit.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis was patrolling Pyramid State Recreation Area when he observed a subject run and hide in a bush. The individual left a bucket of fish and fishing poles behind. CPO Lewis approached the bush and requested the subject to come out. The fisherman complied, and CPO Lewis discovered he possessed a 15 ½” Largemouth Bass. There is a 14”- 18” protected slot at Pyramid. The fisherman admitted he had not measured the bass before keeping it. CPO Lewis issued him a citation for failing to release the bass.

In Marion County, CPO Swindle responded to a dispatch notification and an injured hawk. Upon arrival, CPO Swindle made contact with the complainant who observed the hawk. After identifying its injury, CPO Swindle made contact with wildlife biologist John Bunnell. He arrived on the scene and was able to secure the hawk in a transport case. Te hawk was moved to a safer location out of town where it could recover from injuries.

In Marion County, CPO Swindle also responded to a complaint of hunter trespassing. A deer stand was found on private property and reported. CPO Swindle made contact with the owner of the deer stand and had it removed.

In Fayette County, CPO Roper was on patrol at Ramsey Lake when he observed a watercraft returning to the launch. CPO Roper observed a small child in the boat not wearing a life jacket. CPO Roper conducted a stop on the watercraft. CPO Roper learned there was no proper fitting life jacket on the watercraft for the child, no sounding device onboard, and the battery was not strapped down. CPO Roper issued the operator of the boat a citation for allowing a child under 13 to not wear a flotation device in a watercraft. C

In Clay County, CPO Smith received a complaint from the site superintendent of Flag Pond S.N.A. regarding damage to the boundary signs defining the park property and private property. Apparently, the farmer of the private property knocked down several signs with his farm implement and crossed over and tilled park property. This situation is ongoing since last year where CPO Smith spoke to him about farming too close and damaging signs. CPO Smith issued a citation for tilling up flora-fauna and a warning for damaging the signs.

In Johnson County, While working turkey season in Johnson County, CPO Teas located two hunters sitting in a vehicle in a field. CPO Teas approached and discovered the hunters two have three loaded and uncased firearms in the backseat. 

In Johnson County, CPO Teas responded to an ISPERN of a vehicle driving down the Tunnel Hill bike trail in Johnson County. CPO Teas soon located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. During the stop, it was discovered the driver was unlawfully using and transporting cannabis in the vehicle, had no insurance, and had expired registration. 

In Union County, CPO Vasicek was first on scene of an aggravated domestic violence incident that occurred along State Highway 3 in Union County.  A male subject had struck a female multiple times while he was a passenger in her vehicle.  This battery almost caused several head-on collisions on the highway prompting numerous citizen 911 calls.  The female pulled to the side of the road and escaped the vehicle.  The male exited and threw a billiard ball at her.  He then chased her across the highway pushed her down and got on top of her and struck her in the head.  Upon arrival, there was a female on the ground on one side of the highway and a vocal male on the other, along with several citizens who stopped.  After speaking to a witness CPO Vasicek took the male, with a lengthy criminal history, into custody.  

In Crawford County, Crawford County Sheriffs Dept contacted CPO Taylor regarding a baby owl sitting on the ground in the Robinson City Park. CPO Taylor responded and collected the baby Barred owl and took it to a wildlife rehabilitator.

In Fayette County, While patrolling Vandalia lake CPO Roper observed an individual fishing from the bank. CPO Roper conducted a fishing compliance check. It was learned the individual did not possess a valid fishing license. While issuing the individual a written warning for the license violation CPO Roper learned the subject had a warrant for their arrest. CPO Roper detained the individual for the warrant.

In St. Clair County, CPO Ray Responded to a friend and family member calling 911 from Frank Holten State Park. They requested assistance with a subject needing medical attention. CPO Ray arrived on the scene and observed the subject sitting on the passenger’s side of his friend’s vehicle. He was recently released from Barnes psychiatric Hospital 3 days prior and stopped taking medication for Bipolar disorder. The subject was very agitated and had not slept in two days. CPO Ray recently received CIT training which, assisted in gaining voluntary compliance from the subject to receive medical treatment. The subject was transported by ambulance to Barnes Hospital. 

In St. Clair County, CPO Ray patrolled Peabody River King enforcing boating and fishing compliance. A subject was cited for the operation of a 50hp motor on a 10hp posted lake and noted several boating violations.

In Jasper County, CPO Hyatt assisted Jasper County with a possible suicidal subject in Sam Parr State Park. The subject was located and spoken to by Jasper County. His family showed up and was going to try and get him admitted somewhere to get him the help he needed.

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