With Wisconsin hunting seasons underway, it’s time to think about … photos

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A photo, said to be worth 1,000 words, shouldn't need much else. Enough of the buck is shown to identify the animal, shot during a gun deer season (blaze orange).

Large or small, pretty or ugly, and unfortunately sometimes even illegal, the results of hunts, angles, traps and finds find their way onto digital cameras and other photo-recording devices.

Outdoors men and women, some of whom have never fired a gun, look, smile, wish and sometimes question why.

Some great images find their way onto public display pages and make viewing pleasant.  Once in a while the photo exemplifies a lack of respect for the animal, ego of the hunter, or who knows what and makes lookers uneasy and all hunters suffer because of the ways animals are sometimes displayed.

A few publications go so far as to warn hunters to keep it respectful or the photo will not make the morning paper or weekly shopper.

What should or shouldn’t we do?  Most of it is personal opinions, but many might agree that blood and guts are no-nos. Sitting on an animal probably is, too.

Then there is showing something illegal or unsafe.  These images suggest, at least subliminally, the notion that it’s okay to point a rifle toward the camera, not obey the clothing requirements during gun deer season, or some other action that might backfire .

Images of this sort have a way of “making the rounds” and ending in the eyes of someone who might want to talk to the hunters.  Maybe some publisher wants to purchase the image, too.

There are at least four general rules of safe handling of firearms by hunters.  There is one rule for taking a hunter’s photograph.

Think before you shoot.

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