Water-based sports have new tools to fight invasives

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White Bear Lake, Minn. — Wildlife Forever is proud to announce the release of the new Clean In – Clean Out Roadside Station. This waterless cleaning station empowers watercraft users with self-service hand tools to properly Clean, Drain, and Dry boats, trailers and equipment. Clean Drain Dry Initiative signage prompts users to follow the scientifically supported best management practices to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Lack of tools is one of the most commonly reported reasons that the public fails to properly clean and drain their boats and equipment. Clean In – Clean Out Roadside Station units provide tools to users 24/7 without the need for a staff-person or inspector. This unit offers a sturdy grabber tool to assist boaters remove weeds from boats and trailers, a wrench to help unscrew tricky drain plugs, and a boot brush to remove muck from boots and waders.  Tools such as a boat brush, Aqua Weed Stick, and boot pick are also available to tailor your station.  Stationary and mobile units are available.

“The Clean In – Clean Out Roadside Station is a great opportunity for organizations such as lake associations, counties, state agencies, and federal resource managers to provide the tools necessary to stop invasive species. Stations can be placed at boat launches, mobile units can be moved to high traffic locations in accordance with local events, fishing tournaments, and boat shows,” said Dane Huinker, Conservation Programs Manager at Wildlife Forever.

Ed Rudberg, CEO of CD3 said “This new station is the perfect complement to our CD3 cleaning stations. It allows for a lower cost option for lakes associations and can provide a great opportunity for boat owners to clean before launching.”

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