Clean Drain Dry

Water-based sports have new tools to fight invasives

White Bear Lake, Minn. — Wildlife Forever is proud to announce the release of the new Clean In – Clean Out Roadside Station. This waterless cleaning station empowers watercraft users with self-service hand tools to properly Clean, Drain, and Dry boats, trailers and equipment. Clean Drain Dry Initiative signage prompts users to follow the scientifically supported best management practices to prevent the…

Wildlife Forever keeps up Clean.Drain.Dry. message

Minnesota-based Wildlife Forever tackles the scourge of invasive species with decontamination stations. (Photo courtesy of Wildlife Forever)The Minnesota-based conservation organization Wildlife Forever has been administering the national invasive species campaign, “Clean.Drain.Dry.” since 2006. Since then, the initiative has resulted in 1.9 billion contacts, according to a recent report updating the group’s outreach and educational efforts with the AIS prevention program….