Loosen deer hunting regs, feed Wisconsin’s hungry

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COVID-19 just may present a grand opportunity for Wisconsin deer management.  Why not use this catastrophe and its impacts by providing food for those who are willing to supplement beef, which has become less available or too expensive for some folks?

Wisconsin should consider loosening season regulations so hunters, particularly non-hunters, may consume venison.

Some of those changes may also provide avenues for more people to become familiar with deer hunting, help reduce the deer population where it needs to be reduced, and add some enthusiasm about gun deer hunting.

This should only be looked upon as a short term opportunity during “these trying times.”

The agencies, individuals, political framework and societal generosity can do this.  If the state can be “shut down,” surely emergency rules can be put in place for expanded harvest opportunities.

How many residents would take a deer carcass if it were dropped at a venison processor to be made into venison hamburger? How many hunters would shoot a deer if given a tag purchased by a needy family? How many hunters would not allow the deer populations to diminish a bit to help someone feel full?

There are numerous ways to accomplish this generosity. Here’s an example to show how it may work. Don’t disapprove of the idea based on the example, which is simply an example.

This example is to leave the gun deer structure basically the same as is for now.  Make authorizations (tags) available to be purchased by a needy person, not to hunt deer but to hand it off to a licensed hunter with the understanding that the hunter could shoot a deer, any deer, any place in Wisconsin, and then immediately register the deer and pass it on to the person who purchased the authorization.

Again, there are dozens of ways to craft this idea that is simple, easy to follow, and safe for the public and hunting community.

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