Amateur photographer captures photo of rare three-antlered buck

Marquette, Mich. — Marquette resident Steve Lindberg doesn’t hunt with a gun or bow and arrow like he used to. Since retiring in 2012, he has been hunting with his camera. On Sunday, Nov. 9, the retired school teacher and state representative shot a very unusual buck with his camera.

The 9-point buck has three antlers growing out of its head, from what appears to be three different pedicles.

Steve Lindberg, an amateur photographer from Marquette, shot this picture of a unique three-antlered buck. (Contributed photo)

Racks with double main beams on one side are not uncommon, but those antlers usually grow from the same pedicle. To see a buck with three individual antlers is pretty unusual.

“He was a different looking guy, that’s for sure,” Lindberg, 75, told Michigan Outdoor News. “When I first saw him I thought he was just an A-typical buck, but when I put the picture up on my computer screen I realized that he had three separate antlers. That’s very unusual.”

Lindberg posted the picture on his Facebook page and his life has been pretty hectic since.

“It’s been pretty crazy,” he said. “The Detroit Free Press ran it and then it really took off. I’ve been contacted by so many people including the Washington Post, the London Times, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.”

Lindberg said he is an amateur photographer and enjoys shooting wildlife the best.

“I’m a Yooper,” he said. “I enjoy being outdoors. I don’t hunt with a gun or a bow anymore, but I enjoy hunting them now with my camera. I still get the same thrill with my camera.”

Lindberg said the buck was tending a doe when he got the picture. He has gone back looking for the unusual buck, but hasn’t been able to locate him.

“He was here for one day. Now he’s gone,” Lindberg said.


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