Pennsylvania Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Nov. 8, 2019

From the Game Commission

Berks County Game Warden Ryan L. Zawada reports, while on foot patrol recently at Blue Marsh Lake, he walked right up on two individuals smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. “It’s hard to make up a lie when you’re caught red-handed,” he said. 

Bucks County Game Warden Tyler Barnes reports he cited a Bristol Township resident for intentionally killing geese with a vehicle. The individual pleaded guilty to the charges.

Chester County Game Warden Matthew Johnson reports he detected many violations on state forest in West Caln and Honey Brook townships during the opening day of archery deer season in WMUs 5C and 5D. Over 10 hunters were contacted, and four unlawful hunting sites were discovered. Citations were filed for various charges, including hunting through the use of bait, unaccompanied junior hunters, damage to trees, operating vehicles on state forest property, and littering. Cooperation with DCNR was critical in identifying the problem sites in the weeks before the season opener.

Dauphin County Game Warden Michael Doherty reports that, while operating an unregistered ATV on State Game Land 211, a man attempted to flee when he spotted an officer and gunned the engine, but took a corner to fast. The ATV left the road and blew out a tire. The rider was charged with operating an unregistered ATV, operating a motor vehicle in a closed area, and failing to stop for an officer. He is facing nearly $1,000 in fines and costs, but is lucky he wasn’t seriously injured. 

Lancaster County Game Warden John Veylupek reports investigating an incident in which two individuals had a gray squirrel on a leash at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair. Multiple charges are being filed.

Lancaster County Game Warden Greg Graham reports he cited an individual for hunting over bait on the season opener of archery deer season. The hunter had used an electronic feeder loaded with corn, and also had placed out acorns and a commercially produced mineral supplement to draw deer to his hunting location. His treestand was 18 yards from the bait. When apprehended, the hunter did not have his hunting license in his possession and claimed that if he would have harvested a deer, he’d have returned home to retrieve the license for tagging purposes. A urine-based attractant also was at the bait site, which also is illegal because the site is within a CWD Disease Management Area (DMA), less than 2 miles from the farm where CWD first was detected in DMA 4.

Lancaster County Game Warden Greg Graham reports investigating an HRSI where a hunter was shot in the heel with a 12-gauge shotgun. The wad from the shotshell lodged in his boot and the muzzle of the shotgun was bulged due to the near contact nature of the blast. 

Lancaster County Game Warden Daniel Gibble reports citing two individuals for shooting into a safety zone of three occupied buildings. “Thankfully no one was injured,” he said.

Northampton County Game Warden Bradley Kreider reports filing multiple charges against archery hunters who were hunting deer in baited areas on private property.

Montgomery County Game Warden Raymond Madden reports investigating a spike buck that was shot on State Game Land 234 in Linfield. The buck apparently was shot on Thursday, Sept. 26, sometime in the evening, and was found on Friday morning. The deer was shot with an arrow and was left in a cut field, where it died. Anyone with information should call 610-926-3136.

Schuylkill County Game Warden Jason Macunas reports he recently released a mature bald eagle that he had taken to the Red Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center about three weeks earlier. A West Penn Township landowner found the eagle in a pond, unable to fly. The eagle had injuries consistent with electric shock from contact with powerlines. 

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