Good retrievers don’t always have four paws

Joe Susi, background, and the author retrieving geese during a hunt in 2018. Joe stayed a lot drier retrieving geese during this most recent hunt. (Photo by Tom Pink)

Due to my work schedule and other obligations, I missed the first several days of the early goose season, but I’ve been enjoying reports from my buddies afield. The best involves what may be the retrieve of the year.

Two friends took a few decoys and hiked 30 minutes out to a spot on the shore of the St. Mary’s River where we’ve had some luck in the past. They saw geese as soon as shooting hours started, and they had two birds down shortly after sunrise. One of the geese fell nearly at their feet; the other went down in water over their waders.

Not wanting to lose the goose, one of the hunters, taking full advantage of the warm weather that you only get during the early teal and goose seasons, took off every stitch of clothing and swam through a lot of weeds and muck to retrieve the bird.

At work, I received a text from the retriever, who told me of the luck he and his partner had enjoyed. He invited me to stop at his house on the way home to listen to his stories of the day. I did, and I was extremely impressed and every bit as amused by his tale of the retrieve, but sorely disappointed that there were no pictures of this impressive feat.

I shook my head and wondered if I could have done what he did and asked myself if it is time for me to get another four-legged retriever. I’ve been several years without one after many years of hunting with them.

I have a feeling my friend the two-legged retriever might help me pay for dog food.

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