Wisconsin Outdoor News Fishing & Hunting Report – June 28, 2019


Sunfish are being caught in 2 to 6 feet at Wapogasset, Balsam, and Magner lakes. Look for walleyes on the weedlines during the day or along shorelines at night on Half Moon Lake, Wapogasset, and Balsam. Crappies are being plucked from the cribs on Cedar Lake, while bucktails or suckers are triggering muskies on Bone Lake, Deer Lake, and below the Apple River dam.

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The water is starting to clear up, but water temps are still a couple of weeks behind. As soon as the temps warm up, the action will pick up on the bay and in the inlands. Trollers continue flat-lining crankbaits from Houghton Point to Long Island and out to the Apostle Islands for nice cohos, browns and splake. Parallel visible mud lines when trolling. Smallmouth Fishing has begun in Sand Cut. Anglers have been successful using plastics on light jigs, crankbaits, hair jigs, and live bait in 10 feet of water or less. Walleye and pike fishing is heating up on the Ashland side of the bay.

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Sunfish action is strong in 4 to 6 feet at Big Round, Beaver Dam, Bear, and Upper Turtle lakes. Hit the 6- to 10-foot weeds on Red Cedar Lake and Shell Lake with minnows for walleyes. Largemouth action is strong on most lakes and muskie anglers are raising fish on small bucktails on Sand Lake.

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Perch fishing has been going quite well at Chaudoir’s Dock, the Sturgeon Bay shipping channel, Sawyer Harbor, Little Sturgeon and Riley’s Bay. Salmon fishing is just starting to get rolling. Boats have been reporting a mix of trout and salmon in 100 to 150 feet of water and fishing the top 70 feet. Walleye fishing has slowed a bit due to the massive amount of alewives in the bay. There are still fish being caught, just not in a  fast and furious situation. Try Chaudoir’s Dock, Larsen’s Reef and Monument Shoals. Bass fishing has been going well in recent weeks. Fish in 8 to 12 feet of water and look for rock to sand transitions and or channel cuts. 

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Despite some cool weather, we’ve had some warming in the water and thing are looking a little more like summer. Weeds are now growing much better despite high water levels. Walleye fishing has been pretty good, but this mayfly hatch will change walleye patterns. If you notice any hatch, look for soft-bottomed areas to be more productive. The best bait to use during the mayfly hatch? Leeches. Small leeches imitate these larvae pretty well. This hatch comes a little later on the larger, colder lakes. Not all walleyes feed exclusively on mayfly, so anglers will still catch these guys on rocks and weeds. Look for thee hatches, though, and fish right in the middle of them. Bass fishing has been tremendous lately, with the smallies and the largemouth spawning and getting near the end of that spawn. Muskie action has been slow starting this year due to the colder water. This caused them to spawn later then usual on most lakes. Smaller bucktails and twitch baits seem to be working best now. Panfish action has been good, with bluegills spawning now on most lakes. Look for them with worms right on the shorelines. Crappies have spawned and have moved to the weeds.

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We had beautiful weather over Father’s Day and lots of fishermen came out to enjoy it this past weekend. Smallmouth bass anglers reported some nice catches using a variety of plastic baits and leeches. Bluegill action has been excellent. Fishermen were filling their stringers using worms and small leeches. A few pike have been caught on spinners and crankbaits. The walleye bite has been decent with mostly smaller catches. Jumbo leeches, crawlers and large fatheads have all been working well. Not a lot of muskie action has been noted. Trout fishing has remained steady on streams.

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Most Fox River fishermen have been targeting smallmouth bass and muskies. There wasn’t much success reported. Every once in a while a muskie was being caught. The walleyes weren’t biting the best, but a few were getting picked up now and then. Action at the fairgrounds was slow most of the week, but then rough fish started to pick up. A few catfish and smallmouth bass were caught, as well. At Suamico, only a few walleyes were caught and they ran 16 to 19 inches. Trolling with crankbaits was the most popular way of catching the walleyes. Bayshore Park anglers caught a few walleyes and were marking a lot of fish at 20 feet.

In Shawano County, Shawano Lake was finally up to the mid 60s last weekend. Crappies are still biting off and on, and an occasional keeper walleye can be found. Largemouth bass are much more active now.

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Water temperatures are warming. Muskie action shows improvement with reports of big fish follows, but rare hook-ups. Most catches are 30-inchers by walleye anglers. Muskie anglers are using various baits, but smaller baits and slow retrieves work best. Some walleyes remain in spawning areas, but are moving toward deeper water. Fish rock and gravel areas and the edges of deep holes. The best fishing is late afternoon into dark. Drifting and jigging live bait is working well. Northern pike are in the shallows chasing panfish. Use spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and live bait. Largemouths are also chasing shallow panfish and anglers are catching fish on smaller crankbaits, wacky worms, and live bait. For smallmouths, look for rock and gravel areas. 

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In Sheboygan County, fishing pressure on the piers remains consistent, but with little success. There was only a few reports of carp being caught. Fishing efforts continue to increase at the Sheboygan boat ramps. With summer getting closer and the water getting warmer several boats were out after cohos and kings. There were only a few kings reported, but many anglers had more success with rainbows and cohos. Boats were averaging two or three fish. 

Port Washington fishing pressure along the shore and piers remains very consistent, but unsuccessful. Many anglers are seen fishing the utility area and targeting browns and cohos, but had no luck. Port Washington boat anglers are increasingly targeting kings and cohos. Many cohos and steelhead were reported. A few anglers were able to pick up a couple kings.

In Milwaukee, very few anglers have been fishing the north city shoreline. Most were seen near the red lighthouse at Lakeshore State Park and reported no fish. The McKinley Marina has been fairly busy, with anglers coming in with two to three fish each, on average – mostly lakers or cohos. South Shore and Bender Park ramp boaters had some success. A few boats came in with limits of cohos, while others brought in good sized steelhead, lakers, and kings from 160 170 feet of water between the south metro pier and the power plant.

In Racine County, fishing activity has begun to slowly increase as the weather continues to improve. Boats have been coming in with good amounts of fish now that the water is getting warmer. Coho have been the most common fish being caught.

Fishing activity in Kenosha is improving. Cohos and kings are the most sought-after fish right now. A few boats have caught limits while catching only cohos at a variety of depths on a few different baits.

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The weather has been really nice for the past week. The fish bite has slowed down and not many people are catching panfish. Walleye fishermen are having some luck and shore fishermen are catching bullheads. Deer have been out in the fields and fawns are starting to show up.

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Water temps have been closing in on the 70s. Lake Mendota smallmouths are active on the rock bars in 8 to 12 feet of water. Largemouth action has been slowly improving, along with bluegill action. Weed lines are starting to develop on Lake Mendota. Lake Monona’s bluegill action has been steady; start looking for them just off the weed edges, especially if rocks are nearby.

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With two-thirds of Wausau’s honey holes under temporary fishing closure, there’s no joy in Mudville. Anglers are reminded of the DNR’s temporary fishing closures on the Wisconsin River north of the Wausau hydro dam to Hwy. WW, and the Eau Claire Flowage from the hydro dam in Schofield to the Hwy. X bridge. Lake Wausau anglers are still enjoying its variety of fish. Walleye and crappie reports have them in 10 to 14 feet of water for the most part. Use brightly colored jigs of pink and chartreuse tipped with a fathead minnow. Bluegill and perch action from shore is encouraging. Bass anglers are also starting to find fish. With in-town waters limited, now is a perfect opportunity to fish the lakes on the east side of the county. Lakes like Mayflower, Mud, Pike, Lost and Mission are all delightful places for area anglers. 

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Marinette County anglers targeted walleyes and muskies in the Peshtigo River, but fishing was slow for both species. The Menominee River was also slow for walleyes and muskies. A few bass were being caught up to 17 inches. Alewives were said to be in the river thick and anglers were snagging them while casting or trolling. 

In Oconto County, anglers targeted walleyes, perch and bass at the Pensaukee, Oconto, and Oconto Park II launches. Slow fishing was reported with a few walleyes being caught. A few bass anglers were seen upriver on the Oconto.

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Working with a below average June, as far as temperature is concerned, has actually helped some anglers with walleyes, smallmouths and pike), but slowed some largemouths and bluegills. Walleye action has been excellent to very good. The water temps holding in the low 60s seems to have really helped the weed walleye bite. Anglers working curly-leafed cabbage in 6 to 14 feet are catching limits of walleyes using weedless jigs tipped with leeches or crawlers. Smallmouth bedding is nearly all finished, but larger lakes are still seeing fish up shallow.  Largemouth action is good to very good. On warm afternoons, bass are moving into the shallows searching out spawning areas. Muskie action has been fair to good, with the best stuff happening towards evening as water warms. 

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The North and South Fork of the Flambeau River has seen some sporadic fishing. The river level is high, but navigable. Fishing activity on the area lakes is certainly picking up now.

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