Ohio Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – April 12, 2019

Central Ohio – Wildlife District 1 

While on patrol during the deer muzzleloader season, a vehicle was observed by state wildlife officer Brad Kiger, assigned to Franklin County, along the railroad tracks near Lockbourne. This area has had complaints of people hunting without permission and one prior complaint of the same truck returning. The previous complaints said that hunters were using the tracks to access adjoining landowners’ properties. Officer Kiger watched the vehicle for a short time and contacted state wildlife officer Josh Elster, assigned to Pickaway County, to see if he and his K-9, Mila, could assist in locating the hunter. Officers Kiger and Elster and K-9 officer Mila searched the area for the hunter. The hunter was then observed leaving the woods with a crossbow and no hunter orange clothing. Further investigation revealed the man did not have permission to hunt the property. A warning was given for hunting deer during the muzzleloader season without the required orange clothing. A summons was issued for hunting without permission. The hunter was ordered to pay $188 in fines and court costs.

During the 2019 deer muzzleloader season, state wildlife officer Jeff Tipton, assigned to Champaign County, was contacted by a concerned landowner about past incidents of people hunting without permission. Officer Tipton visited the location and found a discarded game tag near the entrance. The next day, officer Tipton contacted two men as they were getting ready to hunt on an adjoining property. Further investigation revealed one of the men had killed a deer on the property where he did not have permission to hunt. Officer Tipton also confirmed the deer had not been game checked as required by law. The individual was issued a summons for hunting without permission and for possession of untagged deer parts. The man also had a prior incident for hunting without permission. He appeared in Champaign County Municipal Court and was found guilty.

Northwest Ohio – Wildlife District 2

In August, state wildlife investigator Matthew Fisher, assigned to the Lake Erie Unit, and state wildlife officer Ryan Donnelly, assigned to Washington County, were working sport fish enforcement on Lake Erie when they contacted two individuals on a boat. The anglers said they had reached their limit of walleyes for the day. The officers asked to check the anglers’ fish and boarded their boat. Officer Donnelly counted the fish in the cooler and found 14 walleyes. The daily bag limit for walleye on Lake Erie was six fish per person on that date. The officers seized two fish as evidence and issued a summons for possessing more than the daily bag limit of walleye. The individual paid $207.50 in fines and court costs.

Northeast Ohio – Wildlife District 3

While patrolling Jockey Hollow Wildlife Area, state wildlife officer Nick Turner, assigned to Harrison County, noticed several bags of trash dumped along the roadway. Officer Turner inspected the bags and was able to locate a piece of mail within the trash with a suspect’s address. He drove to the residence and spoke to the man. The results of the investigation revealed that the tenant dumped the trash on the wildlife area. The man was convicted in court and ordered to pay $590 in fines and court costs. The judge also ordered the defendant to return to the wildlife area and remove the trash.

State wildlife officer Randy White, assigned to Lorain County, assisted another law enforcement agency in Cuyahoga County with a case where a subject had illegally killed a deer in front of another resident’s home. Neighbors called the police, who arrested the man. The man was charged with killing a deer illegally and with violating numerous local ordinances. He was later convicted in Garfield Heights Municipal Court and paid $278 in fines and costs. The rifle used in the violation was forfeited to the DNR Division of Wildlife.

Southeast Ohio – Wildlife District 4

State wildlife officer Jeff Berry, assigned to Muskingum County, received information that two individuals were in the process of dumping trash on Powelson Wildlife Area. The caller provided officer Berry with pictures of the suspects’ license plate and the items they were about to dump. The individuals left the area before dumping the trash. Officer Berry later came across the items dumped on Dillon Wildlife Area. Officer Berry contacted the suspects, who admitted that they dumped items on Powelson and Dillon wildlife areas. The suspects were issued summonses, appeared in Muskingum County court, and received 60 days in jail.

Southwest Ohio – Wildlife District 5

In May 2018, state wildlife officer Aaron Ireland, assigned to Butler County, followed up on a wild turkey harvest record investigation. Officer Ireland contacted the subject of the investigation and advised him of the discrepancies of the harvest record. The suspect admitted to officer Ireland that he killed a wild turkey without a valid permit. The wild turkey was seized as evidence and the suspect was issued a summons for the violation. The suspect pleaded no contest in court and was found guilty. The judge issued a fine of $150 and the wild turkey was forfeited to the DNR Division of Wildlife.

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