Spring fishing and the moral dilemma of bedding bass

Among the species netted by district biologists were bluegill, catfish, largemouth bass (pictured) and yellow perch.

Spring is coming and so is some of the best fishing around. This means that Lake Michigan will be crazy with tasty coho and the tournaments for bass will be starting. This is an exciting time of year, but it also brings up a bit of a moral dilemma for anglers when it comes to fishing bedding bass.

Targeting bedding bass can be avoided, however there are times that this might be your only option. Especially if you are fishing in a tournament situation. Just because a fish is on a bed doesn’t mean that they are protecting eggs? These fish could be at several stages of the spawn. They could be just finishing the nest, in the process of the spawn, or beginning to protect the young. How do you tell the difference?

On other bodies of water, the removal of a fish off of the nest may not have the same detrimental effect as there are not the invasive species around to eat the eggs. However, there are other potential threats that are always around. Predators that will eat the young, or even other fish may come in and take the nest over entirely.

This is an age-old debate among anglers and I am sure it will not get resolved anytime soon. However, take some time to think about it and look for more in the next issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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