Michigan’s Jellison is NASP Coach of the Year

Robert Jellison, of Hartland, Mich., has been named the National Archery in the Schools Program Coach of the Year.

Jellison, who teaches at Hartland Middle School, has been coaching elementary, middle, and high school archers since 2010.

“I have coached other sports (basketball and baseball), but NASP does not focus on pure athletic skill, it also focuses much more on the mental side of athletics,” Jellison said. “In fact, the equipment may be adapted to fit all students, regardless of skills.”

Jellison has been an avid bow hunter his entire life.

“When I was able to hold a bow, my parents and grandparents had me shooting a right-hand Fred Bear recurve. I was told if I could hit a paper plate, then I could go deer hunting. That’s all it took. I practiced hard until all of my arrows were in the plate. Bow hunting is my favorite pass-time.”

By 2015, the Hartland archery team finished second in the national tournament, and a year later, the team brought home its first national championship.

For more information about the non-profit NASP, visit www.naspschools.org

— Brittany J. Jones 

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