Fishing license sales plummet with the temperatures

With the ongoing cool-down of temperatures and the bountiful deluge of both rain and snow, to-date sales of fishing licenses in Ohio are experiencing a deep chill of their own.

These sales are the kickoff to the state’s fishing season, too, with anglers turning hopeful gazes at the walleye run in the Maumee River, reef fishing in the Western Basin, angling for spawning steelhead in Northeast Ohio, bass fishing in the Ohio River, and crappie fishing everywhere else.

Statistics for both fishing license sales as well as weather data demonstrate how the two are joined at the hip.

The National Weather Service notes that during March at Cleveland, for example, the daily average temperature was 34.4 degrees, which was four degrees below the daily average. For precipitation, the Weather Service reports that during March, Cleveland received 4.01 inches of precipitation, or 1.08 inches above the month’s average.

April has not proven any better, either. The to-date daily temperature at Cleveland for the month is 41.5 degrees, which is 6.2 degrees below the month’s daily average. Meanwhile, 3.86 inches of precipitation has thus far fallen which is 1.56 inches above average.

But the dismal weather pattern is not occurring just at Cleveland, of course. Over in Toledo for April, the to-date temperature stands at 39.4 degrees – a whopping 7.9 degrees below that city’s to-date average. And while the rainfall gauge at Toledo for April has not encountered the same overflow as seen in Cleveland, it has still recorded a thus-far surplus.

What all of this is leading to are declines across the board in the to-date sales of fishing licenses of all kinds.

For to-date (as of April 17th) sales of resident Ohio fishing licenses, the number has plunged 28.5 percent – from 200,537 sold for the period from Feb. 22 through April 17 in 2017 to 143,318 in 2018.

During this same period, sales of non-resident fishing licenses has dropped from 13,125 to 10,032, or a decline of 23.6 percent.

For more on this story, see the May 11 edition of Ohio Outdoor News.

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