Angler pre-season thoughts: to keep or to replicate?

Cory Yarmuth (left) with a catch he decided to release and have replicated.

As anglers we are all in search of those “trophy” fish.  Some may deny it, but deep down, we all want to catch a fish that we can hang on the wall, remembering every last detail about that day and that catch.

This brings up a great question that I have been faced with on many occasions: Do you keep that fish and have a skin mount done or do you get good photos and have a replica made?

The debate about catch-and-release is an age-old question when it comes to many species of fish. There are arguments for both sides and I cannot really tell you which side I am on at any given point. I do know that both play an important role in the health of a lake’s fish population.

I’ll get more into this topic in the April 6 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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