Minnesota’s newest WPA open to public hunting, recreation

(Pheasants Forever)

In a news release Wednesday, March 14, Pheasants Forever and its partners announced the acquisition of 320 acres in western Minnesota to be designated as the state’s newest Waterfowl Production Area (WPA).

The newly acquired Stenerson Lake WPA addition in Pope County features 203 acres of restored prairie and 117 acres of wetland habitat that will provide public recreational benefits for Minnesota residents and non-residents alike, the release said. It added that 13 formerly-drained wetland basins were overhauled by removing tile, building dikes, and eliminating sediment build-up to restore functionality. Additionally, the release said, trees were removed on 41.7 acres to replicate the original prairie complex that once dominated the landscape of western Minnesota.

According to the release, funding for the Stenerson Lake WPA addition came via the Glacial Ridge Chapter of Pheasants Forever, Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Partners for Wildlife Program, and the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

The property is located six miles south of Glenwood, on Highway 104 and about two miles west on County Road 16 (located on north side of road).

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