Paula’s hunt, Paula’s gun: Yes, the 7mm-08 for moose

I’m heading to Newfoundland on a moose hunt in September and I’m not even bringing a rifle. Or a bow.

It’s not my hunt. This time, since I’ve already taken a Newfoundland moose, it’s Paula’s turn.

We can’t wait for this return trip to The Rock, with its breathtaking scenery, great people and, oh yes, superb moose population. It will be a memorable adventure for sure, as it was years ago when I connected on a fine bull in the northern peninsula of the island.

Not surprisingly, a trip of this nature has already involved a lot of preparation. It took a while to choose an outfitter; there are so many quality moose guides available in Newfoundland. Ultimately, after doing a fair amount of research and chatting with hunters, we lined up Paula’s hunt with Brophy & Sons Outfitters, a fly-in hunt to a remote area of the island. We’ve already met Nell Brophy in person at the New York Sportsman’s Expo in Syracuse and again at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa., and those conversations really have us fired up for the trip.

One subject we kicked around at length was Paula’s preferred choice of firearm. Although she has shot my Remington .270 – the rifle I used to take my moose – and has no issue with its moderate recoil, she likes the fit and feels very comfortable with her own 7mm-08. It’s admittedly on the low end as far as moose calibers go, and I wavered a bit myself.

But it was nationally-known gun guru Ron Spomer, a regular contributor to Outdoor News, who put my concerns to rest, solidified Paula’s decision and sold Nell Brophy on the 7mm-08.

Spomer, never a fan of the big bang theory, traded emails with me and said that, while he appreciated my concern “for the right moose medicine,” Paula already has it: the 7mm-08.

There was a big qualifier with that statement, however: Make sure she’s using the right bullet, such as a Barnes TTSX 140- or 150-grain, Nosler, AccuBond, or any controlled expansion bullet.

“Moose are not that hard to terminate so long as you get one through the heart/lungs and give them some time to figure out they’re dead,” said Spomer, whose wife was scheduled to hunt for Alberta moose last fall and planned to tote a 7mm-08. “As long as you use good bullets that will stay in one piece for deep penetration in case you have to take a weird angle shot, the 7mm-08 will shine. And I’d put one into a moose broadside at 300 yards, no hesitation.”

So the decision has been made, and Paula is already stopping in at our local club’s indoor .22 range on Wednesday evenings, looking forward to spring when she takes it outside with the 7mm-08 and starts extending her shooting range out to 200 and then 300 yards (she’s already pretty darn good at 100).

Me? I’m handing the video camera with a bit more regularity and making sure I know what I’m doing when her moment of truth arrives in Newfoundland – with the 7mm-08.

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