DEC: Best walleye fishing on Lake Erie in nearly 30 years

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation recently announced that walleye fishing on Lake Erie during the 2017 season experienced the highest recorded success in nearly 30 years.

DEC has conducted an angler survey on Lake Erie to estimate fishing quality and fish harvest annually since 1988. In recent years, walleye fishing quality has been generally increasing. Survey results for 2017 revealed record-high walleye catch rates that are nearly three times greater than the 30-year average. DEC estimates that anglers harvested more than 70,000 walleyes in 2017, a level not achieved since 1989.

This exceptional fishing was due in large part to contributions of strong walleye reproductive success in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2015, the DEC said in a news release. Recent evidence also suggests that walleye reproduction was strong again in 2016, the release said.

Lake Erie is continually ranked among the world’s top walleye fishing destinations by angler publications, with an abundance of trophy-size walleye ranging from eight to 10 pounds and local tournament winners often scoring fish exceeding 11 pounds, the DEC said, adding that, given that walleyes typically live 10 years or more in Lake Erie, combined with excellent reproduction rates in recent years, anglers should experience continued strong walleye fishing in future years.

— New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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