Wyoming fights to protect premier trout fishery from walleyes

Wyoming Game and Fish Department officials are working on a long-term plan to keep walleyes in the Buffalo Bill Reservoir from damaging one of the state’s most popular wild trout fisheries.

Someone likely introduced the walleyes into the reservoir in 2002 or 2003, according to researchers. Regulations require anglers to kill any walleye they catch.

Researchers plan to fit walleyes with radio telemetry devices to follow their spawning patterns and start suppression efforts.

“I think we’re plowing new ground here,” said Jason Burckhardt, a fisheries biologist for Wyoming Game and Fish. “People have looked at suppression, but we’re the first to do it with walleye.”

Researchers aim to protect the area’s “crown jewels of fishing” — the North Fork of the Shoshone River and Buffalo Bill Reservoir — until the walleye population falls, according to Burckhardt.

— Greenwire

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