‘There’s no better way to observe eagle behavior and nature as it really is’ – Eagle Cam back in Pennsylvania for 2018

A screenshot from the Pennsylvania Eagle Cam nest at around noon local time Wednesday.

It might be cold outside, but you don’t have to leave your cozy confines for a round-the-clock opportunity to view bald eagles at close range.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission Eagle Cam is back online, offering viewers worldwide 24-7 access to live video and audio captured at a bald-eagle nest in Hanover, Pa.

Once again this year, the Eagle Cam features two cameras, each equipped with a microphone, placed 75 feet high in a tree adjacent to Codorus State Park. Eagles have nested at the tree for more than a decade, and have successfully fledged young there many times, according to a Game Commission news release, Wednesday, Jan. 3. As of around noon local time Wednesday, the nest was empty.

While the 2017 run of the Eagle Cam at the same tree was successful, with two eaglets hatching in March and taking their first flights in June, there was some question whether the Eagle Cam would be back at the same tree in 2018.

The nest, which had partially collapsed and was rebuilt ahead of the 2017 nesting season, collapsed further since the Eagle Cam last was online. But once again, the adult eagles using the nest tree have rebuilt the nest, and appear to have it ready for another go in the coming months.

Other natural resources agencies in the Great Lakes region also feature eagle cams, including the annual offering from the Minnesota DNR, which for the first time this year also features audio. At about 11:30 a.m. Central Time, a single eagle could be seen feeding in the nest on the Minnesota Eagle Cam, which has been operating since about mid-December.

Game Commission Executive Director Bryan J. Burhans said the uncertainty of what will happen next is part of why so many Eagle Cam viewers regularly tune in. As many as 1.5 million viewers have watched the Eagle Cam during a single nesting season.

The Eagle Cam is provided through a partnership among the Game Commission, HDOnTap, Comcast Business and Codorus State Park.

To view the Eagle Cam, go to the Game Commission’s website, www.pgc.pa.gov and click on the Hanover Bald Eagle Live Stream link in the Quick Clicks section of the homepage. The livestream can be accessed on the page that will open. Twitter and Facebook users also can share the Eagle Cam with friends by tweeting #PGCEagleCam.

Even though there’s weeks to go before any egg-laying or incubating might occur, Burhans said the Eagle Cam always is worth looking in on.

“There’s no better way to observe eagle behavior and nature as it really is,” Burhans said.

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