Iowa deer harvest pushes past 90,000

A tribal member demanded that legislators enact stronger protections to stop the spread of CWD, saying Gov. Scott Walker's hands-off approach is jeopardizing hunting, among other things.

More than 90,000 white-tailed deer and one bull elk.

That’s the tally so far this Iowa deer-hunting season.

And the elk? That, too, was about the state deer herd.

So far this fall, 90,955 deer have been harvested, compared to 86,506 for the same period last year, for an increase of more than 5 percent, according to a news release Tuesday, Dec. 19 by the Iowa DNR. Iowa’s final deer hunting seasons – the late muzzleloader season and archery season – conclude on Jan. 10, 2018.

And in a move meant to aid Iowa’s white-tailed deer population, an elk of unknown origin in eastern Iowa was shot and killed by the DNR Saturday afternoon – to protect the Iowa deer herd as well as domestic livestock from the potential impacts of chronic wasting disease and other diseases, the release said.

The bull elk had been spotted in various locations in Dubuque and Jackson counties since it first appeared on a trail camera by Cascade in October, according to the DNR, which added that the animal was examined for identification markings and was found with notches in its ears, consistent with the animal being part of a captive herd. The lymph nodes were removed for testing.

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