Metroparks offers guide to everything mushroom

When you are out prowling the deer woods in the next couple of weeks, you are bound to see plenty of autumn mushrooms and wonder about edibility and such.

Now comes a superb little field guide published on-line, downloadable and printable in color, from Summit Metroparks at Akron. Actually, the Metroparks has produced two such guides, both excellent, one for fall and one for spring mushrooms.

The web site is posted here:

The fall mushroom guide includes a well-written, easily grasped discussion of mushrooms and other fungi, 24 species in all, with interesting notes on each. The deadly, poisonous species are clearly marked with a skull and crossbones.

The fall guide also includes the various sprouting times for each species, many of which will continue to be prominent through November.

The summer mushroom guide is laid out in similar fashion and describes 16 species that emerge from May and through the summer.

The guides do not describe the familiar morel of springtime, but perhaps that is not needed. Wild turkey hunters and spring wildflower watchers are no strangers to this delicious mushroom, which usually is at peak right when many of us are afield trying to entice a bearded gobbler into a set of decoys.

In any case, download and print out the Summit Metroparks guides, fold them up neatly, stuff them into a plastic gallon-size bag, and put them into your daypack. They will help pleasantly pass the wait on stand.


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