The Great Lakes and your fish consumption


I am a huge Great Lakes fisherman and personally have never felt any threat to my health from the consumption of any species I may want to keep from their waters. We are all aware of the many advisories out there over some species and, with due cause, should be cautious.

These advisories are put down on paper by people who, in this sportsman’s opinion, are on the CYA type of track. If it is in writing and something happens then who is liable? Not the state, not the city, just the person who didn’t read the report.

Fair or not, we all need to remember that if you do your due diligence and pay heed to these warnings then you will air on the side of caution. You will still find me arguing for less stringent rules and more liberal restrictions. However, like any lawmaker, they are not going to side with the public.

This topic comes up fresh in my mind because of the fact that in Lake Erie, the Canadian neighbors to the north net walleye for a commercial fishery. The odd thing is that those same walleye come back into the United states because the Canadian government has determined that their level of allowable mercury content in fish is much lower than that of our government.

Now, in the past, the situation in the Great Lakes was quite dim with the amount of contaminants found in the water and in the creatures that inhabit it. However, that has changed and it continues to get better year after year.

I am not saying that you should ignore these advisories. However, maybe question them a little.  Question how they get their results and how their tests are performed. You just may be surprised to find out the results.

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