The Difference Between a Shopper and a Customer

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As business owners, it’s important for your bottom line to recognize the value in reaching the right audience.

It’s easy to be confused by what you may be hearing about publications, but when you push through the noise and dial into what matters, there is one component to look at when it comes to the audience behind print subscribers.

At Outdoor News, we figured out a long time ago that if you consistently provide people with what they want, their loyalty will be steadfast.  By providing content that resonates with what they are passionate about, we connect with their hearts.







Why is that so important? These are vested readers who are connected to the pages of Outdoor News. Because the updates and features we cover reflect issues at the local level where they live and play, Outdoor News readers connect to the articles as well as the advertising found in the pages of each issue.







“The variety of types of articles and depth of coverage is not found elsewhere. Articles that enhance, expand and help readers think and understand – me included!”  Jeff J. – WI
Clearly, Outdoor News readers are the people who want more than fluff or contrived articles about the outdoors lifestyle. The customers who subscribe to Outdoor News respect the fact that the content we provide comes from dedicated journalists and experts in the field that contribute to every issue of our state-specific publications.

That formula of authentic, well written content has provided a solid foundation of paid subscribers who value and trust the Outdoor News publications so much that they open their wallets to invite us into their homes week after week throughout the entire year.







And that folks – those genuine full price PAID SUBSCRIBERS  – are what you should be taking a hard look at when you consider your print-marketing options. The full paid readers offer you a customer base that you absolutely need to get in front of with your brand.

You guys do good work. That’s why I give you $68 every two years.” Wayne K. – MN

What’s different?  With many publications slashing prices on subscriptions to the point that it makes you question how they can even afford the print and postage, you can’t help but ask yourself if your business truly benefits from the customer who is only shopping and willing to buy at blow-out prices?

The customer who buys an Outdoor News subscription makes a dedicated choice to spend their money.  Just like you, these are customers who understand the difference between price and value. They trust Outdoor News because we aren’t dishing gimmicks that try to fool them with “combined” issues in their annual subscription price.

Outdoor News readers value the fact that they get 26 big issues a year with their subscription in six of the states we offer publications, and a whopping 52 issues a year with their Minnesota Outdoor News subscription. Outdoor News readers appreciate the fresh content that our *weekly and bi-weekly publishing schedule provides, an equally important consideration for your business is that you’ll enjoy the flexibility of quick turnaround on your ad design and deployment in front of this audience.

Week after week, the readers of Outdoor News are opening the pages of our papers and interacting with the ads. If you’re business isn’t there – you are missing out on a quality audience of potential customers.







Contact a member of our sales staff today to put your brand in front of quality customers.

*Minnesota Outdoor News publishes 52 issues per year. Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York Outdoor News each publish 26 issues per year.

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