The DNR’s Dodgeville service center needs to reopen – and for longer hours

An example of a Department of Natural Resources (DNR) service center that has been closed for months, at least since last October, is Dodgeville. That is pathetic.

With all the talk of serving the public, the DNR should put these closed service counters back on its highest priority.

This is another example of the public being asked to only communicate electronically or not at all with the DNR. There are too many questions, too much convenience, too many resources being wasted to not reopen places like the Dodgeville service center.

It seems most times an employee (fisheries, wildlife, game warden) comes to work, there are members of the public hoping it is a front-counter person finally showing up, so the waiting public races around the building to catch the employee before the back door locks shut.

The other day, the cash register was removed from the Dodgeville service center, an indication that organ removals have already begun and the organs will not be needed again, leaving no chance of recovery.

It used to be said that the field wardens are the primary face of the DNR with the public.  Now, it seems, the field wardens are the only face of the DNR with the public.

Maybe the money wasted on the deer czar could have been better used to keep service centers open.

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