Indiana ups daily bag limit on lake trout in Lake Michigan

Still, according to one official, more lake trout are killed by sea lamprey predation in Lake Superior than sport and commercial fishing combined.

Indiana is changing the daily bag limit for lake trout in Lake Michigan.

On April 1, the limit increased from two fish per day to three fish per day under an emergency rule, while waiting for a permanent rule to be approved.

Indiana biologists used input from multiple user groups in crafting this regulation.

The increase will put Indiana in sync with Michigan’s bag limit. Since many Indiana boaters routinely fish in both states during the same trip, having the same bag limit for both states will make fishing less complicated.

Additionally, the increased bag limit will offer more harvest opportunity for lake trout in the spring and fall, when they are readily available in Indiana waters. The nearshore fishery for lake trout is becoming more popular.

Biologists are confident the lake trout population can sustain the additional harvest pressure. The lake trout population has been increasing in the southern basin due to the changing Lake Michigan ecosystem.

— Indiana DNR

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