Indiana DNR

A black bear in Indiana?

If the bruin, spotted near the border, makes it into the state, it would be among just a handful of confirmed black bear sightings in the state since the 1870s.

Hunting, trapping proposals raising a ruckus in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana DNR official has recommended making adjustments to two proposals regarding bobcats, raccoons, opossums and coyotes that have been met with fierce opposition. One proposal would create a bobcat hunting season. Hunters would be limited to catching one bobcat and there would also be an overall statewide quota. The season would likely run from Nov. 8 to…

Indiana sidesteps legislative error, allows firearms use for deer hunts after all

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana’s wildlife agency says it will allow deer hunters to use rifles on state or federal property despite a legislative error that banned the use of such weapons. The Indian DNR says an emergency state rule will allow rifles during the firearms deer-hunting season that begins Nov. 18. Rifle use was called into question because of a mistake in…