Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Deer hunting is the main event for Pennsylvania hunters

For many, deer hunting is the primary highlight of Pennsylvania’s various hunting seasons. Our state has more deer hunters than most, and the traditions of pursuing whitetails run far and wide across the commonwealth.

It has been a pretty successful year in my neck of the whitetail woods. I took a mature 8-point buck on the last Saturday of October by making a tough 40-yard shot with my compound bow. I was once again able to self-film the hunt from my favorite stand on our family farm in Schuylkill County — capturing the impact of the shot as the deer crossed a food plot I had planted earlier this year.

Almost two weeks later, I hooked up my good buddy — an active duty military soldier — by allowing him to hunt my home property in Lebanon County. I had been getting trail cam photos of a wide 6-point frequenting the small parcel, and he was able to connect with his very first buck on the day before Veteran’s day. 

I then accompanied my old high school pal for the Monday opener of firearms season to see if we could film one of the nice bucks he had cruising his ridge-top hunting property. We were immersed in deer from daybreak on until he downed a dandy 8-point just after it bred a doe right in front of us. Talk about unbelievable action!

During the Saturday concurrent firearms bear/buck/doe season, I took to the mountainous public lands of Unit 4C in hopes of scoring an antlerless deer or roaming bruin. I had deer in my sights more than once, but the shot I wanted never quite materialized. Perhaps the notion of a mile-plus drag lingered in the back of my mind, prompting me to be a bit pickier than usual.

With an assortment of antlerless and DMAP tags still remaining for various locations around the state, there is little doubt I’ll have more opportunities. Next to bowhunting, flintlock season is my favorite, so I’m dreaming of a White Christmas — which means tracking snow in the deer hunter’s world. 

If fate determines all my chances have expired, that’s ok. It’s already been a good year; everything else is just a bonus! To view the latest film work from this season, please visit:


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