Wisconsin’s deer registration tallies now displayed on the DNR’s website

Wisconsin deer hunters may not track deer kills on a weekly basis via the DNR website. The website will be updated on Mondays, according to the DNR.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has updated its deer registration tallies and will continue to do so each week, they say.

The deer tallies are being revised each Monday.  To view them go to http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/harvest/deerharvest.html.

Each season will have its own spread sheet, divided into zones and then divided into county rows.  The archery season is still split into archery and crossbow.  Figure that one out; but we can  live with it.  Let’s hope that trend does not continue or sometime we will have a gun season with shotguns and rifles tallies.

We’ll just simply have to add the numbers together.

Antlerless and antlered deer are separate columns, but then totaled for each county.

For example, viewing La Crosse County after the first several weeks shows the following.

The archery kills are recorded by county in two separate categories, archery and crossbow.  The first post listed 14 antlerless deer, 23 bucks registered by crossbow hunters; and 22 antlerless animals and  49 bucks shot by bowhunters using compound bows or traditional gear in La Crosse County.

Other seasons, when they take place, will show up in the system.  We should expect to see  the youth hunt, for example.

Last year, for some reason, the system could not keep up during the gun season and a final figure was then posted after the season.  Maybe that will be worked out this year, too.

The same goes for spring and fall turkey seasons.  Nothing was there this past spring, but maybe this spring numbers will be posted.  Maybe sooner.

With all of the hype the new licensing and registration systems have been getting, one would hope that there is something like this in it for the hunters to watch and analyze if they care to do it.



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