Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars Report – October 14th, 2016

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Posateri heard the radio call go out to a state trooper for dead fish scattered on the interstate. The trooper responded and advised they were Asian carp. CPO Posateri proceeded to head toward Route 84, guessing they (the hauling truck) would be en route to Schaffer’s Fish Products in Thomson. The trooper caught up to a pickup truck with an open cargo trailer full of dead Asian carp. The driver said he avoided a collision after a semi-trailer nearly side swiped him. The evasive maneuvers caused the load to shift slightly and some of the fish went over the sideboards.

While on patrol in Ogle County, CPO Teas discovered a pile of trash dumped in a ditch. In the pile, CPO Teas found several boxes which had the same name and address on them. The following day, CPO Teas went to the address found in the trash and learned the person whose name was found on the trash no longer lived there. Further, the house was under new ownership and being renovated. The CPO spoke with the new owner and asked if the previous owner had left items behind when they moved. The owner informed the CPO there was a large amount of stuff left in the house when he bought it. It was soon learned that the new owner had cleaned it all out and paid one of his employees to properly dispose of the items. Instead, the employee kept the money and threw all of the garbage out in a ditch in the country using his boss’ truck. The employee was issued a citation for the dumping and instructed to clean it up and properly dispose of it.

While on ATV patrol at Big Bend Fish and Wildlife Area during the opening weekend of Illinois’ dove season, CPO Palumbo discovered a hunter from the town of Kildeer hunting without a hunting license and habitat stamp. The hunter was also using lead shot, which is prohibited at Big Bend. Citations and written warnings were issued. Written warnings were also issued to other hunters for HIP and habitat stamp violations.

While investigating an abandoned boat complaint, CPO Palumbo located a beached, unnumbered boat on the Rock River in a remote area of the county. The boat appeared to be hidden and not abandoned. Not far from the boat was an unmarked live box containing three large flathead catfish and one big channel cat. Illinois law requires that live boxes be labeled with name and address. Coincidentally, there was a local catfish tournament being held the following morning. The catfish were released and the live box was seized. Further investigation resulted in the Prophetstown owner of the boat and the Carbon Cliff fisherman being located. The boat owner was charged with failure to transfer certificate of number and issued a written warning for criminal trespass. The fisherman was issued a citation for unlawful use of an unlabeled live box. Neither claimed to have knowledge of, or know anyone, in the catfish tournament.


CPO Fraser received a call from two concerned fishermen who stated they saw an eagle acting strangely in the shallow water at the confluence of the Rock and Pecatonica rivers. The anglers offered to meet CPO Fraser and give him a ride on their boat to the location. Upon seeing the juvenile bald eagle, it was immediately apparent something was wrong, the eagle could not fly and was walking around in the shallow water near the bank of the river. With the assistance of the anglers, CPO Fraser was able to capture the bald eagle and transport it to a local rehabilitator, Hoo Haven. At the rehabilitator, CPO Fraser learned the eagle had minor wing injuries and was severely malnourished, the eagle was left in the care of Hoo Haven.

CPO Alt responded to a hunter harassment complaint involving six dove hunters in Winnebago County. After establishing the hunters were legal, and assisting in calming the situation between the two groups, the hunters only wished the neighboring landowner to be educated and warned for hunter interference.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Siedsma and CPOT Cox investigated a nuisance trapping complaint involving a trapper who has received several complaints over the past few months. The trapper refuses to call customers back even after an animal was trapped. The trapper was issued citation for failure to check traps.

CPO VanWiltenburg observed two subjects fishing on a pond in Grayslake after receiving a TIPS complaint. It was not the subjects in question, but when approached one female dropped her pole and the other dumped her bucket of fish. A 10-inch largemouth bass was recovered in the tall grass. The female that dumped the bucket was wanted on two McHenry County warrants and was transported to Lake County Jail.  She was also issued a citation for the short bass.

CPO VanWiltenburg cited a subject who attempted to break through the locked gate at Volo Bog after being in the park after hours. She backed the vehicle into the metal gate causing substantial damage to the back of the vehicle and leaving shattered glass on the ground and bending the gate. She then disassembled the wood fence and drove through the grass and then reassembled the gate before driving off. She was tracked down and issued citations for leaving the scene of a property damage accident, damage to state property, and being in the park after hours.

CPO Reid observed two men along the Des Plaines River getting ready to go waterfowl hunting. CPO Reid discovered fresh blood and turkey feathers and an uncased shotgun inside the vehicle. The two men admitted to shooting a hen turkey from the vehicle earlier. They discarded the turkey in the weeds. The men were cited for violations that include hunting with the aid of a motor vehicle, unlawful take and possession of a turkey, and wanton waste. The shotgun was seized.

CPO Reid was checking a lake where a trespass complaint has been signed by the owner. A male fisherman was observed fishing without permission and when police approached he ran from police. The man was later found at his residence a short time later through some nice detective work from CPO Reid and cited for fishing without permission and for obstructing a police officer.

CPO Honiotes patrolled various properties in Will County in preparation for the upcoming archery deer hunting season, discovering bait and multiple stands on private property that do not allow hunting.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Whitchurch and CPO Poffenberger were on patrol at Lake Michigan when they observed two subjects salmon fishing. When one of the subjects saw one of the officers, he immediately ceased fishing, broke down his pole, and stuffed his fishing pole into the backpack of his friend fishing beside him. Once that subject saw that another CPO was standing directly behind him, he admitted to unlawfully salmon fishing without a valid sport fishing license and not having a valid Lake Michigan Salmon Stamp. A citation and a written warning were issued.

CPO Whitchurch was checking sport fishermen at a Lake Michigan harbor pier when he observed two persons cease fishing and pack up their fishing gear and attempt to walk off the pier while CPO Whitchurch was checking other fishermen. CPO Whitchurch made contact with both subjects as they walked off the pier. Fishing licenses were requested from both individuals. One of the subjects had a valid fishing license but the second subject did not have a valid sport fishing license. The subject was cited for unlawful fishing without valid sport fishing license.

CPO Cottrell and CPOT Sanford located a Rantoul man fishing the city pond in Rantoul. After talking with the man, they found that he had no valid sportfishing license. The individual was issued a citation for the offense.

CPO Reeves and CPOT Ausmus made an arrest of a Champaign man for purposely running over several geese in Champaign. They received a complaint from a woman who observed the crime. She took pictures of the vehicle and driver on her cellphone.

CPO Cottrell and CPOT Sanford located two Indiana residents unlawfully harvesting ginseng on the Harry Babe Woodard State Natural Area in South East Vermilion County. A total of six citations were issued, and the seized ginseng root was later transferred to a naturalist at Allerton Park for replanting in central Illinois.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Cochran recovered four illegal treestands from Sangchris Lake State Park property. These stands were either put up too early or left up from the previous hunting season.


CPOs Wichern and Snodgrass received a complaint on opening day of dove season about a house being hit by shotgun pellets from a dove field across the roadway from the dwelling. CPOs determined two of the eight dove hunters were hunting within 100 yards of the dwelling and had shot across the roadway, peppering the house and outbuildings with shot pellets. CPOs checked the property for damages and cited the hunters for the violations.

CPO Ray received an anonymous call informing him of three individuals who were waterfowl hunting, taking wood ducks during closed season. CPO Charles was near the area and contacted to assist with the complaint. The hunters stated they had only duck hunted a few times and were not very good at identifying ducks. They thought all the ducks they were shooting at were teal. The guys across the field started yelling and cursing at them and told them to stop shooting wood ducks. One hunter stated he was the only one to kill a duck and he thought it was a teal when he shot it. They utilized their phones and later identified the duck as a wood duck. He got nervous and tossed the wood duck in the weeds. The subjects received citations for hunting on railroad property without permission and written warnings for attempting to take wood ducks during closed season.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Folden was on Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area’s Big Muddy sub impoundment well before legal teal hunting hours ready to enter the area. A hunter with small children approached CPO Folden and attempted to verbally intimidate him from entering the Buck Creek area. The subject, not knowing Folden is a CPO, said his brother was in Buck Creek and there were at least six boats there. He also stated he had contacted CPO Tim Lay because hunters in the Buck Creek area were sitting up too close (within 200 yards). The 200-yard regulation only pertains to regular waterfowl season. CPO Folden did not give up his identity and entered the area to observe. Shortly after legal shooting time, CPO Folden had observed no violations and made contact with some hunters. The first group CPO Folden encountered was the same hunters that were present at the launch. CPO Folden explained to the hunters that although he observed no violations, their actions were not appropriate or a demonstration of good sportsman-like conduct. CPO Folden also had a complaint from another off-duty law enforcement officer whom observed these hunters trying to reserve hunting spots by hanging a light in a tree. The hunters were surprised to see CPO Folden and were not able to justify their actions.

CPOs Vasicek and Knop located and documented a baited dove field in Union County. The following day CPO Vasicek located a hunter on the field harvesting doves. After a walk around the field and interview, the subject stated that he had supplemented the field with about 50 pounds of wheat.

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